Gettysburg Magazine 19

Gettysburg Magazine 19

Edited by Bob Younger

Table Of Contents

Introduction: "Gettysburg Revisited"
by Edwin Cole Bearss

Prelude to Invasion: Lee's Preparations and the Second Battle of Winchester
by Mark Chance

"Give Them Another Volley, Boys": Biddle's Brigade Defends the Union Left on July 1, 1863
by Kevin E. O'Brien

Postscript to: Pursuing the Elusive "Cannoneer"
by Silas Felton

George Gordon Meade and the Defense of Cemetery Ridge
by Richard Rollins

Fisher's Brigade at Gettysburg: The Big Round Top Controversy
by Bradly M. Gottfried

Personal Battle Weapons of the Civil War: Defending Cemetery Hill: Two Massachusetts Captains Wield Their Personal Weapons Amid the Great Crisis
by Wiley Sword

The Grand Cannonade: A Confederate Perspective
by Thomas L. Elmore

The Gettysburg Wounded and the "Flying Battery" Sisters
by James Durkin

John Rupp of Gettysburg
by Timothy H. Smith