Gettysburg Magazine 21

Gettysburg Magazine 21

Edited by Bob Younger

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Table Of Contents

Introduction: "Gettysburg Revisited"
by Edwin Cole Bearss

Union City: Philadelphia and the Battle of Gettysburg
by John Reid Seitter

Personal Battle Weapons of the Civil War: Roll of the Dice: Two 24th Michigan Officers Test Their Luck in the Gettysburg Campaign
by Wiley Sword

A July Afternoon on McPherson's Ridge
by John F. Krumwiede

The Long March to Steven's Run: The 134th New York Volunteer Infantry at Gettysburg
by George W. Conklin

William C. Oates Remembers Little Round Top
by Glenn W. LaFantasie

Hazlett's Battery at Gettysburg
by Garry E. Adelman

"Hold Them with the Bayonet": de Trobiand's Brigade Defends The Wheatfield
by Kevin E. O'Brien

The 6th Louisiana Infantry at Gettysburg
by James P. Gannon

An Irish-American at Gettysburg: Capt. James F. McGunnigle and the 9th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
by Mike Shotwell and Christian G. Samito

Confederate Battle Flags in the July 3rd Charge
by Bruce A. Trinque

Attack and Counterattack