Gettysburg Magazine 29

Gettysburg Magazine 29

Edited by Bob Younger

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Table Of Contents

Introduction: "Gettysburg Revisited"
by Edwin Cole Bearss

A Battle of Wits: Intelligence Operations During the Gettysburg Campaign. Part 1: Clandestine Preparation for Invasion vs. Quest for Information
by Thomas J. Ryan

Jeb Stuart's Advance to Gettysburg
by Douglas Craig Haines

Putting Gettysburg on the Map: How Four Generals Precipitated a Battle
by David L. Callihan

Pvt. William J. Sheehan, Company G, 121st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
by Joe Stahl

Additional Notes on the 154th New York at Gettysburg
by Mark H. Dunkelman

Did You Get There? Capt. Samuel Johnston's Reconnaissance at Gettysburg
by Bill Hyde

Around the Flank: Longstreet's July 2 Attack at Gettysburg
by Paul Clark Cooksey

Orphans in the Storm: The 115th Pennsylvania and 8th New Jersey in the Fight for the Wheatfield and Stony Hill
by James A. Woods

The Gettysburg Experiences of Lt. Iowa Michigan Royster, 37th North Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment
by Michael C. Hardy

Union Sgt. Isaac W. Barnes: Company E, 125th New York Volunteer Infantry Describes in Vivid Detail the Fighting at Plum Run on July 2, and "Pickett's Charge" on July 3
by Wiley Sword