Great Plains Quarterly 28:3

Great Plains Quarterly 28:3

Edited by Charles A. Braithwaite

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Editor's Note

Why the Homesteading Data are so Poor: (And What Can Be Done About It)
Richard Edwards

Shaping Nebraska: An Analysis of Railroad and Land Sales, 1870-1880
Kurt E. Kinbacher and William G. Thomas III

Land, Speculation, and Manipulation on the Pecos
Stephen Bogener

REVIEW ESSAY: Lewis and Clark: Gone; American Indians: Still Here
Robert J. Miller
A review of Lewis and Clark Through Indian Eyes: Nine Indian Writers on the Legacy of the Expedition and Lewis and Clark and the Indian Country: The Native American Perspective


C.L. Higham and Robert Thacker, eds.
One West, Two Myths II: Essays on Comparison
By Molly P. Rozum

David J. Wishart, ed.
Encyclopedia of the Great Plains Indians
By James E. Sherow

William E. Unrau
The Rise and Fall of Indian Country, 1825-1855
By Roger L. Nichols

Art T. Burton
Black Gun, Silver Star: The Life and Legend of Frontier Marshal Bass Reeves
By Amy E. Carreiro

Robert K. DeArment
Ballots and Bullets: The Bloody County Seat Wars of Kansas
By Christopher C. Lovett

Richard A. Holland, ed.
The Texas Book: Profiles, History, and Reminiscences of the University
By Dwonna Naomi Goldstone

Akim D. Reinhardt
Ruling Pine Ridge: Oglala Lakota Politics from the IRA to Wounded Knee
By James V. Fenelon

Faith Johnston
A Great Restlessness: The Life and Politics of Dorise Nielsen
By Valerie J. Korinek

K. Tsianina Lomawaima and Teresa L. McCarty
To Remain an Indian: Lessons in Democracy from a Century of Native American Education
By Ruth Spack

Jonathan Lear
Radical Hope: Ethics in the Face of Cultural Devastation
By Rodney Frey

Raylene Hinz-Penner
Searching for Sacred Ground: The Journey of Chief Lawrence Hart, Mennonite
By Clyde Ellis

Susan C. Power
Art of the Cherokee: Prehistory to the Present
By Mary Jo Watson

Emil Her Many Horses, ed.
Identity by Design: Tradition, Change, and Celebration in Native Women's Dresses
By Emma I. Hansen

L. James Dempsey
Blackfoot War Art: Pictographs of the Reservation Period, 1880-2000
By Gerald T. Conaty

Bill Waiser
Everett Baker's Saskatchewan: Portraits of an Era
By Patrick C. Douaud

Beverly A. Sandalack and Andrei Nicolai
The Calgary Project: Urban Form/Urban Life
By Pierre Gauthier

Aaron Raz Link and Hilda Raz
What Becomes You
By Gayle Salamon

David Dary
True Tales of the Prairies and Plains
By Benjamin T. Arrington

Jace Weaver, Craig S. Womack, and Robert Warrior
American Indian Literary Nationalism
By Terri M. Baker

W. C. Jameson, ed.
Hot Coffee and Cold Truth: Living and Writing the West
By David Mogen

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