Great Plains Research 11:1

Great Plains Research 11:1

Edited by Svata M. Louda

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Papers from the Center for Great Plains Studies' 24th Annual Interdisciplinary Symposium


Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopes in Archaeological Bison Remains as Indicators of Paleoenvironmental Change in Southern Alberta
Jeremy J. Leyden and Gerald A. Oetelaar

Carbon Stable Isotopic Analysis of Bison Dentition
R. Mark Larson, Lawrence C. Todd, Eugene F. Kelly, and Jeffrey M. Welker

Nutrient Composition of Grass- and Grain-Finished Bison
Martin J. Marchello and Judy A. Driskell

Where the Buffalo Roamed— Or Did They?
Richard H. Hart


Essay: Bison Restoration in the Great Plains and the Challenge of Their Management
Judith L. McDonald

Managing Bison to Restore Biodiversity
Joe C. Truett, Michael Phillips, Kryan Kunkel, and Russell Miller

What the Past Can Provide: Contribution of Prehistoric Bison Studies to Modern Bison Management
Kenneth P. Cannon

A Commentary on Bison and Cultural Restoration: Partnership between the National Wildlife Federation and the InterTribal Bison Cooperative
Stephen C. Torbit and Louis LaRose


Krech, Shepard III
The Ecological Indian: Myth and History
By John C. Mohawk

Valentine, Lisa Philipsk
Theorizing the Americanist Tradition
By Thomas C. Patterson

Smith, Pamela Jane, and Donald Mitchell, eds.
Bringing Back the Past: Historical Perspectives on Canadian Archaeology
By Raymond Le Blanc

Botkin, Daniel B.
Passage of Discovery: The American Rivers Guide to the Missouri River of Lewis and Clark
By Bruce A. Barton

Johansen, Bruce E.,ed.
The Encyclopedia of Native American Economic History
By John H. Moore

Nash, Gerald D.
The Federal Landscape: An Economic History of the Twentieth-Century West
By R. Douglas Hurt

Lopach, James J., Margery Hunger Brown, and Richard L. Clow
Tribal Government Today: Politics on Montana Indian Reservations (Revised edition)
By Walter C. Fleming

Frantz, Klaus
Indian Reservations in the United States: Territory, Sovereignty, and Socioeconomic Change
By James Riding In

Bissett, Jim
Agrarian Socialism in America: Marx, Jefferson, and Jesus in Oklahoma Countryside
By Garin Burbank

McGillivray, Anne, and Brenda Comaskey
Black Eyes All the Time: Intimate Violence, Aboriginal Women, and the Justice System
By Ross Gordon Green

Steely, James Wright
Parks for Texas: Enduring Landscapes of the New Deal
By Kenneth E. Hendrickson Jr.

Wilson, Don E., and Sue Ruff, eds.
The Smithsonian Book of North American Mammals
By Jerry R. Choate

Able, Kenneth P., ed.
Gatherings of Angels: Migrating Birds and Their Ecology
By Gary L. Lingle

Wauer, Roland H.
The American Robin
By Laura Erickson

O'Neill, John P., and Suzanne Winckler (ed.)
Great Texas Birds
By Paul A. Johnsgard

Beck, C. Malcolm, and John Howard Garrett, drawings by Gwen E. Cage
Texas Bug Book: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
By W. Eugene Hall

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