Great Plains Research 12:2

Great Plains Research 12:2

Edited by Svata M. Louda

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How Many Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs Were There?: A Dialogue Demonstrates Both the Process of Science and the Role of Science in Environmental Issues
Svata M. Louda

Distribution and Abundance of Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs in the Great Plains: A Historical Perspective
Dallas R. Virchow and Scott E. Hygnstrom

Black-Tailed Praire Dog Abundance and Distribution in the Great Plains Based on Historic and Contemporary Information
Craig J. Knowles, Jonathan D. Proctor, and Steven C. Forrest

Estimation of Presettlement Populations of the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog: A Reply
Dallas R. Virchow and Scott E. Hygnstrom


Western Harvester Ants' Foraging Success and Nest Densities in Relation to Grazing Intensity
Shaharra J. Usnick and Richard H. Hart

Community Dynamics of an Ecotonal Forest-Prairie Interface in Northeastern Kansas
Elizabeth N. Hane and Steven P. Hamburg

Flooding in Kansas: Respondents' Satisfaction with Emergency Response Measures and Disaster Aid
Bimal Kanti Paul

Early Human-Bison Population Interdependence in the Plains Ecosystem
Henry Epp and Ian Dyck

Was Old Jules Right?: Soil Stewardship on Leased Land
Bruce B. Johnson and John D. Cold

Watering the Plains:Political Dynamics of River Preservation in Canada and the United States
Joan M. Blauwkamp and Peter J. Longo

Reasons for the Marginal Incorporation of the Comanches by the Spanish
Martha McCollough


Ray, Arthur J., Jim Miller, and Frank Tough.
Bounty and Benevolence: A History of Saskatchewan Treaties
By Jennifer S.H. Brown

Barron, F. Laurie, and Joseph Garcea, eds.
Urban Indian Reserves: Forging New Relationships in Saskatchewan
By J.R. Miller

French, Laurence Armand
Addictions and Native Americans
By Benson Tong

Bonnichsen, Robson, and Karen L. Turnmire, eds.
Ice Age Peoples of North America: Environments, Origins, and Adaptations of the First Americans
By Leland C. Bement

Katz, Yossi, and John C. Lehr
The Last Best West: Essays on the Historical Geography of the Canadian Prairies
By Carl J. Traci

Klassen, Henry C.
A Business History of Alberta
By Max Foran

Rochin, Refugio, and Dennis Valdes
Voices of a New Chicana/o History
By James A. Garza

Maril, Robert Lee
Waltzing with the Ghost of Tom Joad: Poverty, Myth, and Low-Wage Labor in Oklahoma
By Ginette Aley

Schlosser, Eric
Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal
By Toby A. Ten Eyck

Radenbaugh, Todd A., and Patrick Douaud
Changing Prairie Landscapes
By Fred Samson

Abell, Robin A., David M. Olson, Eric Dinerstein, Patrick T. Hurley, et al.
Freshwater Ecoregions of North America: A Conservation Assessment
By Arnold van der Valk

Francaviglia, Richard V.
The Cast Iron Forest: A Natural and Cultural history of the North American Cross Timbers
By Brock Brown

Busby, William H., and John L. Zimmerman
Kansas Breeding Bird Atlas
By Paul A. Johnsgard

Seyffert, Kenneth D.
Birds of the Texas Panhandle: Their Status, Distribution, and History
By Mark Lockwood

Wilkinson, Kathleen
Wildflowers of Alberta: A Guide to Common Wildflowers and Other Herbaceous Plants
By Melanie Elliot

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