Great Plains Research 13:2

Great Plains Research 13:2

Edited by James Stubbendieck

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High Plains Regional Aquifer Study Revisited: A 20-Year Retrospective for Western Kansas
Jeffrey M. Peterson and Daniel J. Bernardo

Habitat Use and Migration Patterns of Sandhill Cranes along the Platte River, 1998-2001
Craig A. Davis

Invasion Dynamics and Biological Control Prospects for Sericea Lespedeza in Kansas
Thomas A. Eddy, Jeff Davison, and Brian Obermeyer


Differential Population and Income Migration n the Great Plains, 1995-1998
Alexander C. Vias and Charles O. Collins

Reverse Migration and Nonmetropolitan Employment in Four Great Plains States, 1970-1980
A. Olu Oyinlade

Bosnian Refugees' Adjustments to Resettlement in Grand Forks, North Dakota
Devon A. Hansen

The Impact of Immigration on a Local Economy: The Case of Dawson County, Nebraska
Orn Bodvarsson and Hendrik Van den Berg

Migration and Counterurbanization in the Edwards Plateau of Texas, 1985-1990
Jason P. Holcomb


Kimbrell, Andrew, ed.
Fatal Harvest: The Tragedy of Industrial Agriculture
The Fatal Harvest Reader: The Tragedy of Industrial Agriculture
By Charles A. Francis

Epp, Roger, and Dave Whitson, eds.
Writing Off the Rural West: Globalization, Governments, and the Transformation of Rural Communities
By K. K. Klein

Browne, William P.
The Failure of National Rural Policy: Institutions and Interests
By Donna Barnes

Kraybill, Donald B., and Carl F. Bowman
On the Backroad to Heaven: Old Order Hutterites, Mennonites, Amish and Brethren
By Royden Loewen

MacLachlan, Ian
Kill and Chill: Restructuring Canada's Beef Commodity Chain
By Michael J. Broadway

Leeson, Howard A., ed.
Saskatchewan Politics: Into the Twenty-First Century
By Joseph Garcea

Wilkins, David E., and K. Tsianinia Lomawaima
Uneven Ground: American Indian Sovereignty and Federal Law
By Blake A. Watson

Trafzer, Clifford E., and Diane Wiener, eds.
Medicine Ways: Disease, Health, and Survival Among the Native Americans
By Benjamin R. Kracht

James, Keith, ed.
Science and Native American Communities: Legacies of Pain, Visions of Promise By Dave Pruett and Ernest Stromberg

Longo, Peter J., and David W. Yoskowitz
Water on the Great Plains: Issues and Policies
By Jack Smith

Yarborough, Sharon C., and A. Michael Powell.
Ferns and Fern Allies of the Trans-Pecos and Adjacent Areas
By Alan R. Smith

Burrows, George E., and Ronald J. Tyrl.
Toxic Plants of North America
By James A. Pfister

Kershaw, Linda, Joyce Gould, Derek Johnson, and Jane Lancaster
Rare Vascular Plants of Alberta
By Donna M. Cherniawsky

Acorn, John
Tiger Beetles of Alberta: Killers on the Clay, Stalkers on the Sand
By Stephen M. Spomer and William J. Allgeier

Johnsgard, Paul A.
The Nature of Nebraska: Ecology and Biodiversity
By L. LaReesa Wolfenbarger

Sharpe, Roger S., W. Ross Silcock, and Joel G. Jorgensen
Birds of Nebraska: Their Distribution and Temporal Occurrence
By David L. Swanson

Faaborg, John
Saving Migrant Birds: Developing Strategies for the Future
By Kenneth P. Able

Paarlberg, Don, and Philip Paarlberg
The Agricultural Revolution of the 20th Century
By Lowell Hardin

Levins, Richard A.; Foreword by Jon Kenneth Galbraith
Willard Cochrane and the American Family Farm
By Frederick Kirschenmann

Kline, Ronald R.
Consumers in the Country: Technology and Social Change in Rural America
By Barbara Handy-Marchello