Great Plains Research 18:1

Great Plains Research 18:1

Edited by Robert F. Diffendal, Jr.

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Engineer Cantonment, Missouri Territory, 1819-1820: America's First Biodiversity Inventory
Hugh H. Genoways and Brett C. Ratcliffe

Testing Multigenerational Colonization of Carrion by Blow Flies in the Great Plains
Timothy E. Huntington, David O. Carter, and Leon G. Higley

Mapping Agricultural Land Cover for Hydrologic Modeling in the Platte River Watershed of Nebraska
Patti R. Dappen, Ian C. Ratcliffe, Cullen R. Robbins, and James W. Merchant


Using Schools to Map the Frontier of Settlement on the Canadian Prairies
John C. Lehr and Brian McGregor

Mapping the Dispossession: Scandinavian Homesteading at Fort Totten, 1900-1930
Karen V. Hansen and Mignon Duffy

Developing the Nature-Based Tourism Sector in Southwestern North Dakota
Nancy M. Hodur, F. Larry Leistritz, and Kara L. Wolfe

Perception of Drought Hazard and Its Sociological Impacts in South-Central Nebraska
Donna L. Woudenberg, Donald A. Wilhite, and Michael J. Hayes

Personal Characteristics Preceding Pro-Environmental Behaviors that Improve Surface Water Quality
Courtney Quinn and Mark E. Burbach


Bakker, Karen, ed.
Eau Canada: The Future of Canada's Water
Reviewed by Henry David Venema

Shilliday, Jim
Canada's Wheat King: The Life and Times of Seager Wheeler
Reviewed by Merle Massie

Ribaut, Jean-Marcel
Drought Adaptation in Cereals
Reviewed by Patrick F. Byrne

Brubaker, Elizabeth
Greener Pastures: Decentralizing the Regulation of Agricultural Pollution
Reviewed by Eva Pip

Ridder, Mary
Roots of Change: Nebraska's New Agriculture
Reviewed by James M. Peterson

Taylor, Iain E. P.
Genetically Engineered Crops: Interim Policies, Uncertain Legislation
Reviewed by Rene C. Van Acker

Warren, Wilson J.
Tied to the Great Packing Machine: The Midwest and Meatpacking
Reviewed by R. Douglas Hurt

Sherow, James E.
The Grasslands of the United States: An Environmental History
Reviewed by Francis Moul

Harken, Michael E., and David Rich Lewis, eds.
Native Americans and the Environment: Perspectives on the Ecological Indian
Reviewed by Paula Wagoner

Lamp, William O., Richard C. Berberet, Leon G. Higley, and Craig R. Baird, eds.
Handbook of Forage and Rangeland Insects
Reviewed by J.E. McPherson

Morse, Douglass H.
Predator upon a Flower: Life History and Fitness in a Crab Spider
Reviewed by Hank Guarisco

Jackson, Jerome A.
George Miksch Sutton: Artist, Scientist, and Teacher
Reviewed by Paul A. Johnsgard

Halfpenny, James C., with illustrations by Todd Telander
Scats and Tracks of the Great Plains: A Field Guide to the Signs of Seventy Wildlife Species
Reviewed by Raymond S. Matlack

Meltzer, David J.
Folsom: New Archaeological Investigations of a Classic Paleoindian Bison Kill
Reviewed by Steven R. Holen

Mason, Ronald J.
Inconstant Companions: Archaeology and North American Indian Oral Traditions
Reviewed by Roger Echo-Hawk

Partridge, Mark D., and Dan S. Rickman
The Geography of American Poverty: Is There a Need for Place-Based Policies?
Reviewed by David J. Peters

Lee, R. Alton
From Snake Oil to Medicine: Pioneering Public Health
Reviewed by Michael H. Fox

Medicine, Beatrice
Drinking and Sobriety among the Lakota Sioux
Reviewed by Teresa Milbrodt

Schiefelbusch, Richard L, and Stephen R. Schroeder, eds.
Doing Science and Doing Good: A History of the Bureau Child Research and the Schiefelbusch Institute for Life Span Studies at the University of Kansas
Reviewed by Warren J. White

Johnsgard, Paul A.
The Niobrara: A River Running through Time
Reviewed by Fritz L. Knopf