Great Plains Research 18:2

Great Plains Research 18:2

Edited by Robert J. Diffendal, Jr.

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Stated Preferences for Ecotourism Alternatives on Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation
Robert R. Hearne and Sheldon Tuscherer

Investigating Psychosocial Well-Being among Ethnically Diverse Rural Women: Expect the Unexpected
Rochelle L. Dalla, Catherine A. Huddleston-Casas, and Maria Leon

Moving to the Rural Great Plains: Point of Origin Differences in the Decision-Making Process
Randy Cantrell, Cheryl Burkhart-Kriesel, Bruce Johnson, Charlotte Narjes, and Rebecca Vogt

Producer Responses to Carbon Sequestration Incentives in the Northern Great Plains
Dean A. Bangsund and F. Larry Leistritz


Six Centuries of Fire History at Devils Tower National Monument with Comments on Regionwide Temperature Influence
Michael C. Stambaugh, Richard P. Guyette, Erin R. McMurry, Joseph M. Marschall, and Gary Willson

Historic and Recent Distributions of Elk in Nebraska
Kent A. Fricke, Michael A. Cover, Scott E. Hygnstrom, Scott R. Groepper, Hugh H. Genoways, Kit M. Hams, and Kurt C. VerCauteren

Assessment of Conservation Reserve Program Fields within the Current Distribution of Lesser Prairie-Chicken
Dana Ripper, Megan McLachlan, Theodore Toombs, and Tammy VerCauteren

Literature Review of Mule Deer and White-Tailed Deer Movements in Western and Midwestern Landscapes
Scott E. Hygnstrom, Scott R. Groepper, Kurt C. VerCauteren, Chuck J. Frost, Justin R. Boner, Travis C. Kinsell, and Greg M. Clements


Kaul, Robert B., David Sutherland, and Steven Rolfsmeier
The Flora of Nebraska: Keys, Descriptions, and Distributional Maps of All Native and Introduced Species that Grow Outside Cultivation: With Observations about Their Past, Present and Future Status
Reviewed by James R. Estes

Kaufman, Sylvan Ramsey, and Wallace Kaufman
Invasive Plants: A Guide to Identification, Impacts, and Control of Common North American Species
Reviewed by C.R. Allen, A. Alai, A.C. Kessler, T. Kinsell, A.L. Major, K. Nemec, and B.J. Stephen

Acorn, John
Ladybugs of Alberta: Finding the Spots and Connecting the Dots
Reviewed by Reviewed by R.W. Longair

Greene, Jeffrey; illustrations by Margaret Bamberger
Water from Stone: The Story of Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve
Reviewed by Louis L. Jacobs

Preston, Vernon, ed.
Lewis and Clark: Weather and Climate Data from the Expedition Journals
Reviewed by Susan Solomon

Mathis, Nancy
Storm Warning: The Story of A Killer Tornado
Reviewed by Charles A. Doswell III

Jarvis, D.I., C. Padoch, and H.D. Cooper, eds.
Managing Biodiversity in Agricultural Ecosystems
Reviewed by Richard K. Baydack

Wall, Ellen, Barr Smit, and Johanna Wandel, eds.
Farming in a Changing Climate: Agricultural Adaptation in Canada
Reviewed by Debra Davidson

Brunswig, Robert H., and Bonnie L. Pitblado, eds.
Frontiers in Colorado Paleoindian Archaeology: From the Dent Site to the Rocky Mountains
Reviewed by Jason M. LaBelle

Ahler, Stanley A., and Marvin Kay, eds.
Plains Village Archaeology: Bison-hunting Farmers in the Central and Northern Plains
Reviewed by John Ludwickson

Markstrom, Carol A.
Empowerment of North American Indian Girls: Ritual Expressions at Puberty
Reviewed by Le Anne E. Silvey

Lin, Zhiqiu
Policing the Wild North-West: A Sociobiological Study of the Provincial Police in Alberta and Saskatchewan, 1905-32
Reviewed by Andrew R. Graybill

Fodchuk, Roman Paul
Zhorna: Material Culture of the Ukrainian Pioneers
Reviewed by Svitlana P. Kukharenko

Jones, Esyllt W.
Influenza 1918: Disease, Death, and Struggle in Winnipeg
Reviewed by Mark Osborne Humphries

DePasquale, Paul W., ed.
Natives and Settlers Now and Then: Historical Issues and Current Perspectives on Treaties and Land Claims in Canada
Reviewed by Michael Cottrell

Sharpe, Robert J., and Patricia I. McMahon

The Persons Case: The Origins and Legacy of the Fight for Legal Personhood
Reviewed by Jennifer Kashan

Hewitt, James W.
Slipping Backward: A History of the Nebraska Supreme Court
Reviewed by Cloyd Clark

Miroff, Bruce
The Liberals' Movement: The McGovern Insurgency and the Identity Crisis of the Democratic Party
Reviewed by William D. Anderson

Bridges, Kenneth
Twilight of the Texas Democrats: The 1978 Governor's Race
Reviewed by Sean P. Cunningham

Schlatter, Evelyn A.
Aryan Cowboys: White Supremacists and the Search for a New Frontier, 1970-2000
Reviewed by Mark S. Hamm

Wright, Stuart A.
Patriots, Politics, and the Oklahoma City Bombing
Reviewed by Lane Crothers

Gallagher, Chris W.
Reclaiming Assessment: A Better Alternative to the Accountability Agenda
Reviewed by Mary E. Diez

Hagel, Chuck, with Peter Kaminsky
America: Our Next Chapter: Tough Questions, Straight Answers
Reviewed by Charlyne Berens