Western American Literature 34:3

Western American Literature 34:3

Edited by Melody Graulich

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Games of Chance: Gambling and Land Tenure in Tracks, Love Medicine, and The Bingo Palace
Kristan Sarve-Gorham

Thoreau, Alcott, and the Mythic West
Fred Erisman

John of the Mines: Muir's Picturesque Rewrite of the Gold Rush
Nicolas Witschi


Black Wolf and Shakespeare: A Note on Sinclair Lewis's The God-Seeker
Martin Bucco


A Fruitful Emptiness: Poets and Artists of the Great Basin Region
Bert Almon


Rick Bass
Reviewed by Michael P. Branch

Robert Schuler
Journeys toward the Original Mind: The Long Poems of Gary Snyder
Reviewed by Sarah Sloane

John Daniel, ed.,
Wild Song: Poems of the Natural World
Reviewed by Robert Scott

Nancy Lord
Green Alaska: Dreams from the Far Coast
Reviewed by Eric Heyne

Scott Russell Sanders
Hunting for Hope: A Father's Journey
Reviewed by Erin Edwards

Lisa Knopp
Flight Dreams: A Life in the Midwestern Landscape
Reviewed by Gregory L. Morris

Peter Hedges
An Ocean in Iowa
Reviewed by Natalie Meenderink

Janis P. Stout
Through the Window, Out the Door: Women's Narratives of Departure, from Austin and Cather to Tyler, Morrison, and Didion
Reviewed by Cynthia Taylor

Willa Cather, Willa Cather Scholarly Edition of
Obscure Destinies
Reviewed by Martin Padget

Jeanne Campbell Reesman
Jack London: A Study of the Short Fiction
Reviewed by Tony Williams

Luci Tapahonso
Blue Horses Rush In: Poems and Stories; nila northSun, a snake in her mouth: poems 1974-96
Reviewed by Tom Lynch

David Robertson
Photo and Word
Reviewed by Melody Graulich