Gettysburg Magazine 52

Gettysburg Magazine 52

Edited by James S. Pula

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A Most Desperate Hour: 6:45 p.m.–7:45 p.m. July 2, 1863: The Federal Counterattack along the Emmitsburg Road
John Michael Priest

The Railroad Cut Reconsidered
Robert W. Sledge

Lee: In Search of the Decisive Battle at Gettysburg
Michael J. Forsyth

Location Verification: Siting Tyson’s 1863 Photograph of Camp Letterman General Hospital
Tom Danninger

A Pioneer Remembers Gettysburg
Louis Fischer

Who Engaged First?
Compiled by James S. Pula

Human Interest Stories
X Marks the Spot: The Fate of Two Confederate Artillerymen in the Second Richmond Howitzers
Thomas L. Elmore

The Angel of the Wheatfield
J. Keith Jones

If You Want to Go: History Is, as History Was
Sonny Fulks

The Place Where Pickett Charged: A Southerner's Lament
Neal Allan Olmstead