Journal of Sports Media 10:1

Journal of Sports Media 10:1

Edited by Mary Lou Sheffer

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The Silly, Strange, and Absurd Nature of Sport: An Analysis of Sports Illustrated’s “Sign of the Apocalypse”
Jeffrey W. Kassing and Cortney Solheim

The Relationship of Fans’ Sports-Team Identification and Facebook Usage to Purchase of Team Products
Caitlin Moyer, Jim Pokrywczynski, and Robert J. Griffin

Craving the Scoop: An Examination of Highly Identified Fans’ Utilization of Subscription-Based College-Recruiting Networks
Michael Mudrick and Joshua Lupinek

Using the Rhetoric of Atonement to Analyze Lance Armstrong’s Failed Attempt at Redeeming His Public Image
Steven R. Thomsen and Harper Anderson

Everyone Loves a Winner? Relationships between Olympic Success and Nationalism within a Six-Nation Composite
Andrew C. Billings, Kenon A. Brown, and Natalie Brown-Devlin

From Bad Buck to White Hope: Journalism and Sonny Liston, 1958–1965
Phillip J. Hutchison