Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships 01:3

Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships 01:3

Edited by James C. Wadley

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Editor's Note
Scandal: Same Ol’ Stereotypic Shit, Just a Different Day
Sheila Baldwin

Cross-Racial Relationships on Family-Themed Television Shows: An Indicator for Larger Race Relations in the United States
Earl S. Mowatt

From Princess to Queen: A Black Feminist Approach to Positive Sexual Identity Development
Erika Evans and Don Dyson

Cohabitation and Repartnering among Low-Income Black Mothers
Andrew Golub and Megan Reid

The Exploration of Theater as Innovative Tool to Improve HIV Rates Among Black Men
Christopher A. Reed, Jonathan Livingston, Ariel Williams, Sherry C. Eaton, Leslie C. Brinson, Dwayne T. Brandon, and Grayson Chappell

The Female Condom: Knowledge, Image, and Power
Kimberly Boyd, Patrice Perkins, Kimberly Lawrence, Jennifer Sutherland, and Kai Blake

Re-Search: The Missing Pieces in Investigating African-American Relationship Dynamics and Implications for HIV Risk
Valerie Newsome, Zupenda Davis, and Jessica Dinac

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