NINE 23:1

NINE 23:1

Edited by Trey Strecker

Table Of Contents

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Diamond Quotes
Invisible Umpires: The Ku Klux Klan and Baseball in the 1920s
Felix Harcourt
A Historical Analysis of the Chicago Cubs’ Use of Statistics to Analyze Baseball Performance
Alan S. Kornspan
Norman Rockwell and Baseball: Images of the National Pastime
Larry Gerlach
Brooklyn’s National Game in Literature
Ken Sammond
“Can’t Anybody Here Play This Game?”: An Analysis of US Perceptions of Japanese Professional Baseball, 1989–1994
Elliot Chester
“Longing on a Large Scale Is What Makes History”: The Uses of Baseball and the Problem of Storytelling in Don DeLillo’s Underworld
Philipp Löeffler
Triple Play: Personal Reviews, Op-ed Pieces, and Polemics from Outside the Purview of the Umpires
Ballpark or Stadium: Does It Matter?
Janet Marie Smith
Imagining the Smoke King: Reflections on Writing a Baseball Biography
Gerald C. Wood
Book Reviews
Going the Distance
Joseph Dewey
Heart of the Order: Baseball Poems
James J. Donahue
Shaping the Image of the Game: Early Professional Baseball and the Sporting Press
Dave Ogden
The Forgotten History of African American Baseball
Lisa Doris Alexander
Black Baseball, Black Business: Race Enterprise and the Fate of the Segregated Dollar
Jim Overmyer
Dominican Baseball: New Pride, Old Prejudice
Rob Ruck
Baseball beyond Borders
Thomas R. Mueller
Baseball on Trial: The Origin of Baseball’s Antitrust Exemption
Jim Overmyer
Hub Perdue: Clown Prince of the Mound
Charlie Bevis
A Summer to Remember: Bill Veeck, Lou Boudreau, Bob Feller, and the 1948 Cleveland Indians
William Harris Ressler
Jackie and Campy: The Untold Story of Their Rocky Relationship and the Breaking of Baseball’s Color Line
Robert A. Moss
The Fight of Their Lives: How Juan Marichal and John Roseboro Turned Baseball’s Ugliest Brawl into a Story of Forgiveness and Redemption
Douglas K. Lehman
Becoming Big League: Seattle, the Pilots, and Stadium Politics
Paul Hensler
Up, Up, and Away: The Kid, the Hawk, Rock, Vladi, Pedro, Le Grand Orange, Youppi!, the Crazy Business of Baseball, and the Ill-Fated but Unforgettable Montreal Expos
Ron Kates
The Devil’s Snake Curve: A Fan’s Notes from Left Field
Howard J. De Nike