Anthropological Linguistics 39:4

Anthropological Linguistics 39:4

Edited by Douglas R. Parks

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Table Of Contents

Mary R. Haas: A Memorial Issue


Editor's Introduction
By Douglas R. Parks

Bibliography of Mary R. Haas


Mary R. Haas: A Life in Linguistics
By Sally McLendon

Mary Haas: Teacher
By Katherine Turner

The Formative Influences on Mary R. Haas's Career
By Victor Golla

Mary R. Haas and the "First Yale School of Linguistics"
By Regna Darnell

Differing Opportunity in Language: A Glimpse of Relativity
By Eric P. Hamp


Mary R. Haas's Contributions to Wakashan Linguistics
By William H. Jacobsen, Jr.

The Contribution of Mary R. Haas to the Study of Southeastern Languages
By Pamela Munro

Mary R. Haas and Southeastern Ethnography
By Raymond D. Fogelson

Mary R. Haas and Ethnology
By William C. Sturtevant

Remembering Mary R. Haas's Work on Thai
By James A. Matisoff

Mary R. Haas and Linguistic Anthropology
By William Bright

Mary Rosamond Haas (1910-1996)
By Karl van Duyn Teeter

Mary Haas: A Real Linguist of the Nth Degree
By R.M.W. Dixon


Mary R. Haas and "e;Berkeley Linguistics"
By Murray B. Emeneau

Mary R. Haas: Lessons in and out of the Classroom
By Sydney M. Lamb

The Teaching of Mary R. Haas
By William Shipley

Mary R. Haas as an Anthropological Linguist
By Allan R. Taylor

Mary R. Haas at Berkeley in the Sixties
By Mauricio J. Mixco

Recollections of Mary R. Haas as Teacher, Supervisor, and Inspiration
By Brent Galloway


Mary R. Haas and Historical Linguistics
By Lyle Campbell

Mary Haas, Algic, and the Scientific Consensus
By Joseph H. Greenberg

Mary R. Haas's Legacy for Historical Linguistics
By Catherine A. Callaghan

Haas's Hokan: Dead End, or Gateway to the Future?
By Maruicia J. Mixco


A 1978 Interview with Mary R. Haas
By Stephen O. Murray