Journal of Sports Media 10:2

Journal of Sports Media 10:2

Edited by Mary Lou Sheffer

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Table Of Contents

Editor’s Preface

As Venus Turns: A Feminist Soap Opera Analysis of Venus Vs.
Katherine L. Lavelle

No Girls Allowed! Female Reporters as Threats to the Male Domain of Sports
Korryn D. Mozisek

The 99ers: Celebrating the Mythological
Lindsey J. Meân

Nine for IX—Branded: From Affect to Action
Ann Pegoraro

To Airbrush or Not? Theoretical and Practical Applications of Athletes, Tattoos, and the Media
Betsy Emmons and Andrew C. Billings

The Semiotics of a Native American Sports Logo: The Signification of the “Screaming Savage”
Jacob S. Turner

“Shit Got Cray Cray #MYBAD”: An Examination of the Image-Repair Discourse of Richie Incognito During the Miami Dolphins’ Bullying Scandal
Annelie Schmittel and Kevin Hull