Storyworlds 07:2

Storyworlds 07:2

Edited by Andreea Deciu Ritivoi

Table Of Contents

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Special Issue: Transmedial Worlds in Convergent Media Culture

Guest Editor’s Column
Jan-Noël Thon

Transmedia Storytelling: Industry Buzzword or New Narrative Experience?
Marie-Laure Ryan

Converging Worlds: From Transmedial Storyworlds to Transmedial Universes
Jan-Noël Thon

Closing the Open Signification: Forms of Transmedial Storyworlds and Chronotopoi in Comics
Stephan Packard

“This Makes No Sense At All”: Heterarchy in Fictional Universes
Rüdiger Heinze

A Truth Universally Acknowledged? Pride and Prejudice and Mind-Reading Fans
Maria Lindgren Leavenworth

Layering Engagement: The Temporal Dynamics of Transmedia Television
Elizabeth Evans


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