Journal of Literature and Trauma Studies 03:2

Journal of Literature and Trauma Studies 03:2

Edited by David Miller

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Table Of Contents

Investigations in Literature, Trauma, and Theory

Editor’s Introduction

The Time of Trauma: Rereading Unclaimed Experience and Testimony
Petar Ramadanovic

Recognizing Injury in the Ordinary: Classed Trauma in the Fiction of Alice Munro
Christine Maksimowicz

“And in the Beginning There Was Oblivion”: The Role of Forgetting in Working through the Holocaust Trauma within Poetic Language
Rina Dudai

Charles Baudelaire’s Falling Man: Theorizing Trauma as Permanent Parabasis
Joshua N. Waggoner

Testimony beyond the Limits: Paul Ricoeur in Dialogue with Trauma Theory, Shoah Studies, and Theology
Jacob D. Myers
Book Review
Cathy Caruth, Literature in the Ashes of History
Steve Hollyman

Notes on Contributors