Hotel Amerika 03:2

Hotel Amerika 03:2

Edited by David Lazar

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Table Of Contents


Forrest Ashby
Chasing Sirens (page 71)

Jason Martin
After the War: The Bomb Chateâu (page 9)

Tim Parrish
Riotous (page 53)

Anis Shivani
Couples (page 91)


Lori Horvitz
New York: 1986-9 (page 19)

Kim Dana Kupperman
Relief (page 39)

Dorothy North
Is There a Poetry Club Here? (page 109)

Nance Van Winckel
Off Lost Road Rd. (page 105)


Brad Barkley
A Man and His Mirror (page 64)
At the Clown's Birthday Party (page 65)

Gerry LaFemina
Wardrobe (page 38)

Bill Rector
postcards without edges (page 18)


Sally Ashton
Eclipse (page 104)

Christopher Buckley
Stumble Between Two Stars (page 44)

Sigman Byrd
Transmission Redux (page 15)

Joseph Campana
Copula (page 84)
The Book of Faces (page 85)

David Citino
Real Man Strikes Out Over the Phone (page 80)
Sister Mary Appassionata Reviews Deep Throat (page 81)

Dana Curtis
Crossroads (page 30)
Entropy (page 31)

Chad Davidson
Diva (page 32)
Autobiography (page 34)

William Virgil Davis
Last Night I (page 70)

Mark DeCarteret
Third Person (page 16)
Cliché (page 17)

John Drury
Leap and Tumble (page 103)

Tim Earley
Serendipity Poem (page 14)

Lara Glenum
Excresense (page 4)
Funereal Landscape in Minerals (page 5)

Patricia Goedicke
Paloma in the Bull's Belly (page 106)

Cynthia Hogue
To Be Of (page 23)
The Never-Completed Wish (page 24)
Have We After All Come To (page 26)

Anna Maria Hong
Song of Dry-Dehiscent (page 35)

Richard Jackson
The Confession (page 50)
Inspiration (page 51)

Allison Eir Jenks
Upon Reading His Journal (page 87)

Ariana-Sophia M. Katsonis
Winter Interstice (page 98)
Cremation (page 99)

Mark LaRue
Nerve Song (page 36)
Photo-Molecular (page 37)

Sandy Longhorn
On the Great Plains' Eastern Edge (page 90)

Amy McCann
Poustinia (page 58)
"God Exists" (page 59)
Snow Takes on the Town (page 60

Clint McCown
The First Morning in My New Apartment (page 52)

Jennifer Militello
Aprilia (page 2)
(start) (page 3)

Wayne Miller
from Sleep Suite (page 100)

Sima Rabinowitz
What I Gave Up for Lent (page 96)
Desideratum-2 (page 97)

James Ragan
A Study of Traffic (page 108)

Bill Rasmovicz
Floating (page 66)
Giant's Despair (page 67)

Jorge Sánchez
Pinteur J'Suis Pas (page 28)

Margot Schilpp
Exile (page 68)

Morgan Lucas Schuldt
To Hopkins (page 82)
Homage to Bosch (page 83)

Hugh Steinberg
Tailings (page 27)

Carolyn Stoloff
from Paragraphs as Gift Baskets 29 (page 120)
from Paragraphs as Gift Baskets 36 (page 121)

Mathias Svalina
In Choice Becomes Insensibility (page 29)

Terese Svoboda
Steam Seams (page 1)

Brian Swann
The Rose (page 63)

Brian Teare
To Be Two (page 46)

Susan Terris
A Question of Sickness (page 57)

Chase Twichell
Vestibule (page 117)
Cities of Mind (page 118)

G.C. Waldrep
Orderly Peach (page 6)

Charles Harper Webb
More Than Anything, He Wants to Be Believed (page 78)
Museum of Wasted Time (page 79)

Theodore Worozbyt
Accidental Weather (page 61)