Hotel Amerika 04:1

Hotel Amerika 04:1

Edited by David Lazar

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Table Of Contents


Peter LaSalle
Hotel Life (page 7)

Bonnie Ruberg
Tomorrow You Wear Gray (page 117)

Gladys Swan
The Face in the Wall (page 57)

Joe Taylor
My Ode to Sylvia Plath (page 97)

Tom Whalen
After Work (page 79)


Leonard Kriegel
Boy on the Pony: Encounters with the Socialism of Fools (page 67)

Liza Porter
In Search of the Thickest Towel (page 89)

Steven Schwartz
The Deep-Blue, Hairy-Legged Great Divide (page 47)

Richard Selzer
Selected Diaries: 1984-2005 (page 21)

Carolyne Wright
The Other September 11th (page 39)


Eugénio de Andrade (Alexis Levitin, trans.)
Furrows (page 19)br /> At the Edge of Water (page 20)

Liz Beasley
Hippocampus (Page 95)

T. Alan Broughton
Carnival (page 86)
Crossroads (page 87)

Chard deNiord
The Only Road (page 17)
Under the Open (page 18)

kari edwards
in th(3)ree paRts: (page 111)
marking my flesh with essential tethers (page 112)
obedience 15-19 (page 114)

Brendan Galvin
How Winter Left Town (page 53)
Sergeant Crocker Newton's Indie Film Debut (page 54)
Sidetracking (page 56)

Steve Gerhke
Self-Portrait as Soldier (page 45)

Georges Godeau (Kathleen McGookey, trans.)

Door to Door and University (page 34)

John Hollander
Missing Coordinates (page 35)

Sándor Kányádi (Paul Sohar, trans.)
Litany of the Danube Basin (page 3)
The Doorway Where (page 5)

Jesse Lee Kercheval
Mother (page 103)

Jennifer L. Knox
Tuberculosis Forces 21-Year-Old John Henry Holliday to Leave His Dental Practice in Georgia for the Drier Climate of Dallas, Texas, Where He takes Up Gambling as a Full-Time Occupation, 1873 (page 105)
Doc Holliday Realizes He Has Forgotten What His Mother Looked Like (God Rest Her Soul): Denver, Colorado, 1886 (page 106)
The Bride of Doc Holliday, Glenwood Springs, Colorado, 1887 (page 107)

Alex Lemon
For the Record (page 6)

Laura McCullough
We Argue About Regret (page 94)

Sean McCullough
Still Life with Fly (page 122)
In a Dry Season (page 123)

Eduardo Milán (Steven J. Stewart and Patrick Madden, trans.)
Now that We are Nothing, for Example, (page 82)
From Right to Left (page 83)
You Should be Happy Because You Should (page 84)
A Lemming Doesn't Care about Why (page 85)

Aimee Nezhukumatathil
This is the Last Hotel (page 1)
For Luck: A Seven day Guide (page 2)

Tony Sanders
Ventriloquism (page 124)
Conclusion (page 125)

Virgil Suárez
Los arqueros de la distancia (page 102)

Susan Tichy
Persephone (page 36)

Tony Trigilio
Oh, Death (page 43)

David Wagoner
Changing Rooms (page 88)

Diane Wakoski
La Strada (page 74)
The Shores of the Milky Way (page 76)

Daneen Wardrop
Scene of How It's Going So Far (page 108)
Infinite Regression Scene (page 109)
Mise-en-Scène (page 110)

Zyllah Zala (Paul Sohar, trans.)
The Old Lake Balaton Licking the Foot-Hills of Badascony (page 4)