Hotel Amerika 04:2

Hotel Amerika 04:2

Edited by David Lazar

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Table Of Contents


Bruce W. Jorgensen
"Slowing Down": A Conversation with Kent Haruf (page 59)


Bruce Holbert
Vigil (page 17)

Thomas David Lisk
A Failure (page 43)


Françoise Camoin
Some of these Days You're Going to Miss Me, Honey (page 5)

Carolyn Osborn
My Father's Guns (page 93)

Anna B. Reisman
Lucky Strikes (page 29)

Natania Rosenfeld
Life-Sized Sculptures: Women (page 101)

Sue William Silverman
Tramping the Land of Look Behind (page 79)


Lance Larsen
On a Used Chalkboard (page 13)
Daughter on a Stump Beside Barbed Wire Fence (page 15)

Theodore Worozbyt
Sorry (page 90)
Spanish (page 91)
Thanks (page 92)


Nin Andrews
Sleeping with Houdini (page 1)

Michelle Y. Burke
When He Will Believe (page 4)

Kimberly Burwick
Untitled (page 2)
Untitled (page 3)

David Citino
Sister Mary Appassionata's History of the Aria (page 99)
The Death of Barbie (page 100)

Cynie Cory
Petrarch at Least (page 27)
Walt Whitman Sleeps (page 28)

Mary Cross
Lawngirl (page 40)

J.P. Dancing Bear
Elegy to the Living (page 68)
Honey and Gratitude (page 69)

Lynn Doyle
Coordination (page 87)

Neil de la Flor
Skin (page 31)

Bernadette Geyer
Three Birds (page 66)

Andrey Gritsman
Dark Room (page 12)

Colette Inez
Camellias Speak to Azaleas (page 23)
Meditations on 18th Century Song Dynasty Inscriptions (page 24)
Crow Songs, Scotland (page 25)

Kimberly Johnson
Sweet Incendiary (page 77)

Jesse Lee Kercheval
Lying, Awake (page 71)
I Enter a Century in Which You Were Never Alive (page 72)
On Being Silent (page 74)

Stephanie King
When the Spirits Leave the Body (page 78)

Lance Larsen
Miscarriage (page 14)

Patrick Lawler
Every City Has Its Wizard (page 33)

Leticia Lopez
Interview with Fatu (page 21)

Karyna McGlynn
Early Childhood (page 16)

Erika Meitner
Gallant Aviatrix (page 50)
Elegy for Certain Missing Persons & Secret Parts of Queens with Trains (page 52)
Blow (page 54)

Chad Parmenter
Batman in Honey (page 56)

Patty Seyburn
That Was Then (page 67)

Peter Jay Shippy
Man with Knife (page 57)
The Armanii of Kodack (page 58)

Eleanor Stanford
Mudcloth (Côte d'lvoire) (page 22)

Jon Stapnes
Arrival (page 49)

Steve Valentine
Breathing in the Dark (page 86)

Terence Winch
Fatal Mistake (page 41)
In Retaliation Against (page 42)