Hotel Amerika 07:1

Hotel Amerika 07:1

Edited by David Lazar

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Table Of Contents


Nicole Walker
Making It Palatable (page 6)

Glen Retief
The Karma of Violence (page 28)

Jeffrey Hammond
The Snow Woman (page 44)

Daniel Nester
Extracts from "Cousin Mike: A Memoir" (page 74)


F. Daniel Rzicznek
Room Prepared for an Unknown Guest (page 5)

Simeon Berry
The Doppelganger's Ars Duplicata (page 17)

Christine Boyka Kluge
Gigantic Black Monster Truck (page 21)
You Traded Your Body for a Knife of Carved Bone (page 22)

Ray Gonzalez
21st Century Friend (page 54)
The Cross (page 55)
Available for an Epiphany (page 56)


Terese Svoboda
Carwreck (page 1)
Code Name: 731 (page 2)
Midwest Glacier (page 4)

Lesle Lewis
The Gray and White Cat (page 11)
I See My Categories Have Been All Wrong Up Until Now (page 12) Sheep Dead (page 13)

Lisa Samuels
From Tomorrowland (page 14)

Lee Upton
Will Anyone Ever Know Me? (page 18)

Nance Van Winckel
Who Cares, The Tour Guide Just Makes It Up as She Goes Along (page 27)

Albert Goldbarth
Autobiography: Magic (page 33)
Our Small Attempts, Etc. (page 36)
The Story of Wax and Wane (page 37)

Gary Soto
Big Ideas on a Small Farm (page 41)
The Gritty House (page 42)
Getting Where I Was Going (page 43)

Caroline Berry Klocksiem
Raw, Uncut Footage of Rods as They Appear (page 49)
On the Hegelian Hegemonic Kinetic Poetry of J. Francis Klocksiem (page 50)

Katherine Soniat
Black Roses (page 52)

John Allman
1912 (page 58)
Le Sacre du Printemps (page 59)

Peter Moore
Lycée Chateaubriand (page 60)

Jacqueline Marcus
Winter Sun (page 65)

Doug Sanders
i/ (page 66)
ii/ (page 67)

Kate Greenstreet
today (page 68)
she ventures in (page 69)

Daneen Wardrop
Toward (page 70)
For (page 71)

Adam Day
The Characters Speak Up (page 72)
Badger Speaks to his Love (page 73)

Chad Davidson
A Brief History of Rome (page 84)
Palm Pilot (page 85)

Laura McCullough
What He Did With His Hands (page 86)

Nina Corwin
Magnetic, Actually (page 92)

Ana Bozicevic
In Which I am the Silence of Them. Dear A, (page 93)
Leaving Husband at the Door of St. Ann and the Holy Trinity in Brooklyn Heights (page 94)

Sarah Suzor
Firmness (page 95)
Suavity (page 96)

William Heyen
The Carriages (page 97)

Jay Rogoff
Chaos Theory (page 98)

Chard deNiord
Fucking Me Dead is Fucking Yourself (page 99)


Lee Upton
Will Anyone Ever Know Me? (page 18)

Lynn Kilpatrick
In the House (page 24)

David Porter
Roadside Death Marker (page 62)

W.P. Osborn
Gazpacho (page 88)