Hotel Amerika 07:2

Hotel Amerika 07:2

Edited by David Lazar

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Table Of Contents


Anthony Varallo
What I Would Tell the Squirrels (page 1)

Kevin Ducey and Bill Russell
Emblem 1: The Signification of Love (page 2)
Emblem 2: Discovering the Difficult (page 3)

Gail Griffin
999 (page 4)

Becka Mara McKay
The War in the North: A Report (page 6)

Lia Purpura
A Novel in Two Parts (page 13)

Peter Conners
Discussions with the Bridesmaid (page 14)

Robert Strong
From "Bright Advent" (page 17)

Jo Scott-Coe
Desert Blessing (page 28)

Jim Elledge
Mercy (page 30)
Quarantine (page 31)
Xyloid (page 32)

Jeff Porter
Greetings from Roswell (page 33)

Doren Robbins
Arlen's Talking to Himself Memoir (page 38)

Erin M. Bertram
Manic-Depression (page 40)

Jalal Toufic
Beirut's Unwritten Laws and Graffiti (page 41)

Miriam Mörsel Nathan
In the town where my mother once lived... (page 53)
Zdena (page 55)

Paul Lisicky
The Roofers (page 57)

Philip Kobylarz
From "Nearest Istanbul" (page 58)

Lance Olsen
Head in Flames (page 63)

Marilyn Krysl
Class Struggle (page 72)

David Shields
Blur (page 73)

Joan Connor
The Missing Days of E.A.P. (page 81)

Tom Whalen
The Wrong Mistake; or, The Afterlife of Philip Marlowe (page 85)

Michelle Disler
[BOND, James]: kiss (page 105)
[BOND, James]: heart (page 106)
[BOND, James]: tired (page 107)

Cassie Keller Cole
Kuna Phonebook (page 108)

Martin Lammon
Demonology 101 (page 113)

John D'Agata
Francesco Petrarch's "My Journey Up the Mountain" (page 116)

Donald Morrill
Passages to an Elegy (page 119)

Lauren Camp
Home Points South From Here (page 122)

Joseph Harrington
From "Things Come On (an amneoir)" (page 125)

Jim Daniels and Charlee Brodsky
Less Obvious (page 138)
Geological (page 140)

Lauren Rusk
Meteorology on St. Botolph Street, a Child's Primer (page 142)

David Porter
Homesickness Preliminary (page 144)

Nancy K. Miller
Letter from Argentina (page 146)

Lynka Adams
Holiday Visit Number Two (page 152)

Deborah Wood
Color Theory (page 158)

Contributors' Notes (page 166)