Hotel Amerika 08:1

Hotel Amerika 08:1

Edited by David Lazar

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Table Of Contents


Kenneth King
Mirror of the Mind: Internet, Cyberocularity and Digital Otherness (page 11)

Sarah Heston
from Daughter-Son (page 25)

Adrianne Kalfopoulou
Dislocated States (page 37)

Kim Dana Kupperman
That Roar on the Other Side of Silence (page 63)

Natania Rosenfeld
Love and Gusto(n) (page 89)


Erin M. Bertram
Hand-Me-Down (page 1)
You Will Never Get Used to It (page 2)

Stephanie Dickinson
Lust Series (1) (page 3)
Lust Series (2) (page 4)
Lust Series (3) (page 5)

Deborah Flanagan
Tesla's Pigeon (page 21)

Doug Martin
On Animal and Vegetable Physiology (page 36)

Erica Anzalone
Harvey (page 72)


Jaime Brunton
from My Life as Roland Barthes (page 8)

Matthew Cooperman
Still: Rorty (page 10)

Heather Winterer
Highway 99 (page 99)
Chalet Vegas Apartments 2 a.m. (page 23)

Rick Bursky
from Death Obscura (page 46)

Laura Mullen
Biography: Checkpoint (page 55)

Jonathan Lyons
The Reflecting Pool (page 73)

Sarah Stromeyer
Merce on the Page (page 96)


Jonathan Chopan
Undertow (page 48)

Peter LaSalle
Additional Notes on the Elevator in the Dictator's Palace (page 83)


Justin Vicari
Post-Romanticism: A Brief History (page 6)

Rane Arroyo
Crosshairs (page 24)

Lia Purpura
Forensic (page 32)
Rain (page 33)
Holy (page 34)

Benjamin S. Grossberg
The Space Traveler Pities Us (page 44)
The Space Traveler's Brother (page 45)

Lyn Lifshin
Not Quite Spring (page 68)
Cat Callahan (page 69)

Erica Anzalone
Buddha Vibrator (page 70)
Albino Styx (page 71)

Catherine Sasanov
Runaway Slaves (True North), 1863 (page 79)

Peter Jay Shippy
The Best Time Ever to Be Alive (page 82)

John Marvin
not language in any since of the world Finnegans Wake 83.12 (page 92)

Mary Cross
The Caretaker (page 94)
Other Than Us (page 95)

Nance Van Winckel
Dare Ye Not Say (page 87)
Cause With No Effect (page 98)

Karen Holmberg
Obeisance (page 100)

Amy Newman
Fever/Fever 103 degrees (page 102),br /> The Hanging Man/The Tender Place (page 103)

Contributors' Notes (page 105)