Hotel Amerika 09:1

Hotel Amerika 09:1

Edited by David Lazar

Table Of Contents


Mary Capello
Squalor (page 7)

Therese Doucet
A Surefire Recipe for Unassailable Faith: Involving Four Judgements and a Vegetable Analogy (page 29)

Penelope Schwartz Robinson
Burrowing (page 21)

Joshua Dolezal
The Shadow of Koontenai (page 49)

Jean Walton
Thomasina, Thomasina (page 54)

Ryan Van Meter
Merci (page 117)


Hadara Bar-Nadav
Run Round and Round a Room (page 2)
Then Draw My Little Letter Forth (page 3)

Kathleen McGookey
Shallow (page 13)

Joseph P. Wood
A Decadent Era in Theology (page 33)

Christopher Buckley
Camptown Races: Walking in the Middle of the Night (page 66)

Stephen Tuttle
The Inalienable Object (page 95)

Norberto Luis Romero, trans. H.E. Francis
Voracious Creatures (page 99)

James Magorian
Landscape Painting in the Catskills (page 136)


Jennifer Tseng
The Locksmith (page 14)

Jennifer Militello
Dear B, (page 26)

Kyle Booten
Circular Play for 20 Actors (Guides) (page 48)

Margaret Gilbert
from Sugaring Off (page 68)

Simeon Berry
(from Notes on A.) (page 74)

Joe Bonomo
The Sky's Tent (page 80)

Catherine Taylor
It Begins With a Glance (page 84)
Arboretum (page 86)
Protest (page 88)

Amy Benson
Animal Pollinator (page 102)

Kevin Griffith
Sixty Types of Irony (page 104)

Joshua Ware
Drink Ghosts Into Ghosts (page 112)
Drink Ghosts Into Ghosts (page 114)
Moonrise Paints a Lady's Portrait (page 116)

Susan McCarty
Ars Romantica [a rehistoricization] (page 120)

Kathleen Rooney
Historically Suicides (page 148)
Robinson's Telephone Rings (page 150)


John Allman
Godardesque (page 91)

Ben Miller
Foundling (page 137)


Fritz Ward
Postcard with Phobia (page 1)

Steve Mueske
Strangely Filed Under Happiness (page 4)
Blueprint for a Photograph (page 5)
The Problem of Memory (page 6)

Jen McClanaghan
World's Largest Milk Bottles (page 16
Hidden Industry (page 17)

Katherine Soniat
Coral In Honey (page 18)
Things That Hang in the Air (page 20)

Bruce Beasley
To Revoke All Wills and Codicils Heretofore Made by Me (page 34)

Nance Van Winckel
Condiments (page 43)

Nicholas Samaras
The Bomb of My Body That is My Body (page 44)
Days of Exile (page 45)

John Poch
Hymn (page 46)

Charles Harper Webb
Flaming Camels (page 77)
I'm Looking for Geronimo (page 78)

Isaac Pressnell
A Growl Is Like a Human Sound (page 96)
Chorus (page 97)

Kirk Nesset
Orchid (page 145)
Create (page 146)

Lyn Lifshin
Knock Out Ballroom (page 152)
Today on the Metro (page 153)
Late Winter Snow (page 155)

Contributor's News (page 156)