Hotel Amerika 10:2

Hotel Amerika 10:2

Edited by David Lazar

Table Of Contents


Lesle Lewis
Dear Frederic (page 1)

Lee Upton
Letter to the Letter (page 2)

Paul Otremba
Epistle (page 4)

Gary Young
Letters from Japan (page 6)

Marcia Aldrich
The Art of Being Born; Letter to a Daughter (page 7)

Justin Boening
The Moira That Would Not Die Enough (page 13)

Anne Panning
Letter to My Nine Year Old Son (page 14)

Christopher Buckley
Letter to the Sea (page 16)

Steven Carrelli
Last Exit to Brooklyn (page 17)

Jim Daniels
Dear Andy C- (page 18)

Debra Ratner
Letters Sung Here (page 21)

Terese Svoboda
Letter from the Dog (page 29)

Nicole Walker
Dear Wind, (page 30)
Dear Galaxy, (page 32)

Steven Carter
Letter to Myself: A Haibun (page 36)

Dennis Saleh
Letter from America (page 37)

Alexander Long
Letter to Stevens from a Train Heading North in Winter (page 40)
Letter to Wright from Kalamazoo, from Philadelphia (page 41)
Letter to Cobain at 4:04 during Nirvana's Cover of Leadbelly's "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" (page 42)

Jeanne Marie Beaumont
Dear Empty coat, (page 43)
Letters from Limbo (page 44)


Aaron Gilbreath
\'ra-di-kel\ (page 49)

David Rompf
A Personal History of Staring (Page 61)

With my Daughter, Hannah Arendt, and the City of Futures (page 71)

Chris Arthur
Looking Behind "Nothing's" Door (page 91)

Kathryn Winograd
Phantom Mares (page 99)

Steven Harvey
Orphaned Souls (page 123)

Christina Marsden Gillis
Diamonds (page 132)

Lisa Fetchko
Hands (page 135)

Rachel Peckham
Beside Sam (page 144)

Hilary Schaper
Puppet, Stone, Sweater: A Study in Animation (page 152)


Shivani Mehta
The Museum (page 58)
The Horses of Sleep (page 59)
Aftermath (page 60)

Sunshine Dempsey
Miniature (page 66)

Deborah Flanagan
Job Description of a Vestal Virgin (page 160)
The Flying Saint (page 161)

Rebecca Lilly
Elemental Circle (page 162)
Blind Men (page 162)


Joshua Craze
Death in Field (page 109)


Margaret Barbour Gilbert
from Sugaring Off (page 53)

Nance Van Winckel
LLB (page 120)

Jean Kane
Strip (page 164)
Epigrammatic (page 165)

Kevin Griffith
Everything Collapses into Now (page 128)


M.J. Kledzik
Days of 1966 (page 56)

Shivani Mehta
Breathing Apparatus (page 57)

Sunshine Dempsey
[a boy in a bar two blocks from my house has a deer heart in his backpack which was] (page 67)

Amy Newman
When Delmore Schwartz Tells William that the Voices in his Head are Coming from the Top of the Empire State Building (page 68)
When Delmore Schwartz Looks out the Window of R.P. Blackmur's Princeton Office, Which Delmore's Using While Blackmur is Away (page 69)
By the Time John Berryman Bails Delmore Schwartz Out of Jail after the national Poetry Festival in Washington DC, The Trees at Court Green Have uttered Their Leaves All Over England (page 70)

Paul Otremba
To the Architects of Our Present Misfortune (page 82)

Katherine Soniat
Burnt October (page 84)
Easter Inventory (page 87)

Adrian Gibbons Koesters
A Nun Wishes She Were Great at Her Job (page 90)

Adam Day
[The colorless lake, buoy bells in fog] (page 102)
[A diorama of a city in civil war] (page 103)
["Your legs and breasts are very moving," neighbors hear the woman say] (page 104)

Charlene Fix
The Burial of Bruno Schulz (page 105)
My Mole (page 106)
Haunting (page 107)

Jennifer Pilch
Medium (page 108)

David Wagoner
Feeling Sublime (page 117)
Falling Downstairs (page 118)
Looking (page 119)

Kurt Heinzelman
A Problem, Explaining (page 122)

Anne Shaw
Could There be a Kind of Tether (page 139)
On the Obsolescence of Prayer (page 140)
What to Ask Fro, How to See (page 142)

Bill Rasmovicz
From Gulls Salvaging Open Air to Hyperventilation (page 148)

Suzanne Lummis
Venetian Blinds: Ghazal-like Noir (page 150)

Tony Sanders
Theories of Sorrow (page 166)

Contributors' Notes (page 168)