Hotel Amerika 13:1

Hotel Amerika 13:1

Edited by David Lazar

Table Of Contents


Marcia Aldrich
The Blue Dress (page 7)

Marilyn Abildskov
On Beauty (page 51)

Rebecca A. Eckland
The Depths (page 59)

Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich
The Taste of Sardines (page 65)

Rachel Hadas
John Hollander (page 80)
The Honors Student, The Plagiarist, And The Fan (page 82)

Sarah Kruse
On Reading Being and Time: A Notebook

Judith Ortiz Cofer
Display Only (page 134)
Joy Beauty (page 135)

Kelly Daniels
Early Riser (page 149)

Wong Yoo-Chong
The Poetry of the Undetectable, Unfathomable Dao (page 163)


Chitra Banerjee
Amitav Ghosh Speaks about Opium, India, China, the British Empire, and Historical Fiction (page 40)


Wendell Mayo
Cherry Pie (page 17)

Peter LaSalle
Several Points in Response to Your Inquiry Concerning Shadowism (page 29)

Darrell Spencer
It's a Jesus Sighting in My Rearview (page 87)

Toni Graham
Belvedere (page 121)

William Luvaas
Status Epilepticus (page 181)

Mark Jacobs
Sid is Alone (page 198)


Lee Upton
Coffee Aphorisms (page 48)


Deborah Flanagan
Of Shoes and Ships (page 26)
Here Be Dragons (page 27)

Bill Rector
Lost Moth (page 64)

John Bennion
My Father's Ground (page 86)

Rebecca Lilly
Old Apple Orchard (page 112)
Critical Method (page 114)
Slung Over A Beast's Back (page 116)

Elaine Terranova
Awake (page 153)
Plastic (page 154)
Fireflies (page 155)

Christopher Buckley
History: a Selective Overview (page 156)


Christopher Merkner
Up to and Including Our Limits (page 6)

Margaret Barbour Gilbert
from Sugaring Off (page 72)

Jon Cotner & Andy Fitch
T-Shirts as Pillowcases (from Conversations over Stolen Food) (page 97)

Kat Meads
My Young Life, My (Lost) Bodies of Water (page 136)

Laurel Blossom
Now What (page 140)

Steven J. Stewart
When Men, the Gods, and Lions Agree: Proverbs of Ancient Akslii (page 172)


Deborah Brown
The God Particle (page 1)
The Adverb Problem: A Sort of Love Song (page 2)
In the Garden (page 3)
Lost (page 4)

Fani Papageorgiou
Notes from Bel Air (page 12)

Brent House
Augur of Slough (page 16)

Deborah Flanagan
More from Miss Willmott's Ghost on Horticulturey (page 23)
Miss Willmott's Ghost (page 24)

Sarah White
Duet for Soprano and Baritone (page 28)

Gary Soto
from You Kiss by th' Book (page 32)

Roger Mitchell
In the Beginning (page 45)
Human Effort (After Jacques Prevert) (page 46)

Peter Schireson
Just Supposing (page 50)

Charles Harper Webb
Husband (page 54)

John McKernan
Introduction to Art History (page 56)
A Square (page 58)

Tina Barr
Darger Sequence (page 70)

Keith Althaus
Speakers, banners, (page 75)
The Boxes (page 76)

John Randolph Carter
Bedraggled Youth (page 79)

Lyn Lifshin
In Rexall's Middlebury, (page 84)
Some Afternoons when Nobody was Fighting (page 85)

G.C. Waldrep
from Testament (page 103)

Panayotis Ioannidis
Caadenza (page 117)
Chinese Movie (page 118)
Jan III (page 119)

Priscilla Atkins
Our House (page 120)

Jeff Friedman
My Money (page 131)
What My Father Heard (page 132)

Lainey S. Cronk
Synchron (page 139)

Kallie Falanadays
Laddered (page 158)
Only One of You Does. (page 159)

Chard deNiord
At the Putney Co-Op (page 160)
The Charles as Elegy (page 162)

Patricia Corbus
A Quiet Chat with Mallarmé (page 174)
Lately at the Movies The Seamstress (page 176)

E. Kristin Anderson
I Remember Crying (page 177)

Mary Gilliland
Migration (page 178)
Occupied (page 179)

John Marvin
Polly Sea Me Speck (page 180)

Donna Pucciani
Thumbless (page 191)

Benjamin Goodney
Things That May Increase (page 192)

Craig Blais
Birthday Night Sonnet (page 194)
Sonnet (Ending with My Grandmother's Pea Soup Recipe) (page 195)
This Day in History (page 196)

Dong Li
The Kisser (page 202)

Jennifer Moss
(A Hard White Shaking) (page 204)

Contributors' Notes (page 207)