Middle West Review 02:2

Middle West Review 02:2

Edited by Paul Mokrzycki Renfro

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Table Of Contents

Special issue: “Indigenous Midwests”
Guest Edited by Doug Kiel and James F. Brooks

Remembrance: Andrew R. L. Cayton: Midwesterner (1954–2015)
Jon K. Lauck    

Introduction: Reframing and Reclaiming Indigenous Midwests
Doug Kiel and James F. Brooks    

Planning to Stay: Treaties as Components in Post-War of 1812 Native Strategies to Remain in the Lower Great Lakes
Rebecca Kugel    

Settler Colonial Strategies and Indigenous Resistance on the Great Lakes Lumber Frontier
Theodore J. Karamanski    

Becoming Black, White, and Indian in Wisconsin Farm Country, 1850s–1910s
Jennifer Kirsten Stinson    

From Reconciliation to Resurgence: Dakota Commemorations of the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862
Deborah Edwards-Anderson    

Pontiac’s Ghost in the Motor City: Indigeneity and the Discursive Constructive of Modern Detroit
Kyle T. Mays    

Appealing to the Great Spirit: Foundational Fictions and Settler Histories in Middletown America
James Joseph Buss    

Metropolitan Transformation and the Colonial Relation: The Making of an “Indian Neighborhood” in Postwar Minneapolis
David Hugill    

Review Essays
“The Place You Come from Stamps You: Saul Bellow’s Midwest”
Andrew Seal    

“Unearthing Paths toward Black Freedom in the Midwest”
Kathryn Schumaker    

“The Sunbelt, the Midwest, and Versions of American Regionalism”
Michael C. Steiner