Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships 02:3

Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships 02:3

Edited by James C. Wadley

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Table Of Contents

Bullying: Harassment by Another Name, Yet Still Very Much the Same
Leah P. Hollis

Why Do You Talk, You Know, Like “That”?: Using SCM and EVT To Explore the Microaggressive Student-Teacher Bullying of Expectancy-Violating Black Women
D. Lisa Cothran

Examining Bullying, Ostracism, and Pervasive Stereotypes of Black Immigrants from the Caribbean Living in the United States
Adrienne R. Carter-Sowell and Jane E. M. Carter

Sexual Relationships, Sex Communication, and Condom Use among Heterosexual African-American Male College Students in the Southeastern US
Louis F. Graham, Robert E. Aronson, Regina McCoy, and Scott D. Rhodes

Addressing Unmet Sexual Health Needs among Black Adolescents with Mental Illnesses
Bridgette M. Brawner, Ehriel F. Fannin, Janaiya L. Reason, and Guy Weissinger

Letter to the Editor: Creating Spaces: A Letter to the Editor about Transgender Students and Their Right to Space on College Campus
Russell A. Davis