Journal of Sports Media 11:1

Journal of Sports Media 11:1

Edited by Mary Lou Sheffer

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Riding along with Lance Armstrong: Exploring Antapologia in Response to Athlete Adversity
Jimmy Sanderson and Marion E. Hambrick

The Impact of the Image Repair Process on Athlete-Endorsement Effectiveness
Kenon A. Brown, Mia Long Anderson, and Josh Dickhaus

Suicide on the Sidelines: Media Portrayals of nfl Players’ Suicides from June 2 to September 2012
Nicki Karimipour

The Not-So-Neutral Zone? espn, Agenda Setting, and the National Hockey League
Jeremy Saks and Molly Yanity

Generalizing Baseball: Holding and Applying Stereotypes to America’s Pastime
Patrick Ferrucci, Edson Tandoc, Seoyeon (Celine) Hong, Anthony Almond, and Glenn Leshner

Using Self-Categorization Theory to Uncover the Framing of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Two National Newspapers
Olan Scott and Thilo Kunkel

Investigating the Role of Sports Commentary: An Analysis of Media-Consumption Behavior and Programmatic Quality and Satisfaction
Minkyo Lee, Daeyeon Kim, Antonio S. Williams, and Paul M. Pedersen

Opening the Sports Closet: Media Coverage of the Self-Outings of Jason Collins and Brittney Griner
Lori Dann and Tracy Everbach

Media Authority, Sports Mythology, and Organizational Identity: Red Barber as the Voice of the Brooklyn Dodgers
Raymond Schuck