Native South 09:1

Native South 09:1

Edited by Greg O'Brien, Melanie Benson Taylor, and Robbie Ethridge

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Earthworks and Contemporary Indigenous American Literature: Foundations and Futures
Eric Gary Anderson

The South’s Other Slavery: Recent Research on Indian Slavery
Denise I. Bossy

The “Owner of the Town Ground, Who Overrules All When on the Spot”: Escotchaby of Coweta and the Politics of Personal Networking in Creek Country, 1740–1780
Bryan C. Rindfleisch

“They Don’t Like Indian around Here”: Chitimacha Struggles and Strategies for Survival in the Jim Crow South
Daniel H. Usner Jr.

Reshaping Southern Identity and Politics: Indian Activism during the Civil Rights Era
Denise E. Bates