Hotel Amerika 14:1

Hotel Amerika 14:1

Edited by David Lazar

Table Of Contents


Wayne Koestenbaum
Impossible Positions | Is Smartness Humiliating?

Jalal Toufic
Oedipus in Egypt

Lina Ferreira
Cabeza-Vanegas Drowning Lessons

Emily Arnason
Casey Alchemy of Shadow

Patricia Vigderman
The Bliss of Life

Chris Arthur Crux
Gabriel Levin The Staging of Meyer Levin: In the Wake of Rinne Groff’s Compulsion at the New York Public Theater

Ana Arredondo

Thomas Mira y Lopez
The Proper Way to Say Goodbye

Lucy Durneen
All The Things

Lance Larsen

Mary Cross
The Last Time I Saw Anne

Corinna Burns
Internet Stalker 

Daryl Farmer
In the Garden 

Amy A. Foley
Hypnotist Collector 

Joan Connor
The Last Munchkin

Anthony Wallace
Queen for a Day

Zach Powers

Primo Ventello
The Auditor

Phyllis Rudin
One Percent Inspiration

Alexandria Peary
Knick Knack
Spiritual Evidence for Life on Earth
Greenfield, U.S.A.

Alice B. Fogel
Nothing But

Panayotis Ioannidis
Honey, meaning of

Susan Terris
The Beekeeper’s Queen: The Winter of Your Year

Barbara Tomash a-

Maren O. Mitchell

Jack Anderson
The Moral Lesson of a Bin
Having Fun
The Revolting Mirrors 

Rachel Hadas
Beautiful and True 
Anywhere But Here

Stephen Gibson
The Persistence of Memory 

Maggie Smith
The Crows 

Lisa Bellamy
Transient Pleasures of the Animal Realm 
To Be a Wintering Snake 

Peter Cooley
Dead Cat Log Jam. 

Carol Potter
On A Scale of 1-10, 10 being The Most Satisfied 140
Most Know Better 

Benjamin Landry
An Explanation 
The Snowy Owl 

Maceo J. Whitaker

Matt Trease

Charlene Fix
Estrangement and Blame

Kim Young
When the Queen of Riot Grrrl Smacked My Boyfriend
Tramp Stamp 

Ethel Rackin & Elizabeth Savage
Nara & Lucrece

Doug Ramspeck
Small Devotions
Wind Metaphysics

William Virgil Davis
The Scream 

Jeff P. Jones
A Fury of Frustration

William Kelley Woolfitt
Automaton with Flute

William Heyen

Sean Thomas Dougherty
To Sew a Seam of Light

Lyn Lifshin
Sitting In The Brown Chair With Lets Pretend On The Radio

Leah Pode Osowski
Their Occurence 
Words Our Breaths Our Bears

John Sibley Williams
The Small Story of Us

Jan Bottiglieri
What Made the Scar? Where is the Scar? 
The Doll’s Dreams

Brianna Noll
Two Kinds of Conception 

Prose Poetry
Jennifer Militello
The Influence of Vision on the Mind 
Traits/The Eye 
Post Script

Wendy Oleson
Where Sleep Hides

Chris Haven
Terrible Emmanuel 
Terrible Emmanuel

Roisín O’Donnell
Between Sisters

Christina Veladota
 Brief Novel of You’ll Never Believe Me
Insomnia is my Father’s Bartender

Rick Bursky
The Days of Dead Flies 
Lost On a Detour

Christopher Citro & Dustin Nightingale
35 Parts Per Thousand 
Good Morning

Winner, 2015-2016 | Transgenre Contest
Sarah Minor

Jessica Hollander
Love Letters from Lord Byron
Reincarnated as Lord Byron

Sophie Monatte

Adrian Nichols
Poem in Accord with John Cage in His Manner of Operation

Julia Brennan

Katherine Riegel
Letters to Colin Firth

Elizabeth Bryer
“24 November 2014: Springvale Woman Descends To Underground”

Lisa Samuels
Tender Girl

Dana Curtis
Two Films

Amy Newman
Excerpt from The Readings of the Book of Mary Krystal

Sara Biggs
Chaney Notes for a Research Paper on Dysthymia

Kiki Dimoula, Translated by Adrianne Kalfopoulou
I Don’t Find Myself On The Map 
At Home

Chandra Livia Canadiani, Translated by Olivia Sears
Five poems from The Sleeping House 

Idoia Elola, Translated by Curtis Bauer
The March: A Silent Demonstration to Protest the Government’s Investigation of Public Defender Alberto Nisman’s Death, Buenos Aires, Argentina