Gettysburg Magazine 55

Gettysburg Magazine 55

Edited by James S. Pula

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Table Of Contents


The 13th Massachusetts on July 1: The Repulse of O’Neal’s Brigade on Oak Ridge
Bradley M. Forbush

“Press On, Men, Press On!”: The 21st North Carolina on July 1
Lee Sherrill

A Man of Maladies: Reexamining Lt. Gen. A. P. Hill’s Leadership Failures at Gettysburg and Beyond
Paul Jussel, George M. George, Daniel R. George, Tonya Crook

James Longstreet and the Famous “Order to Attack”
Harrison Florence

The Memorial Art and Architecture of Gettysburg
Michael W. Panhorst
Human Interest Stories

A Company of Officers Commanded by a Cook
J. Keith Jones

Remembrance Day: If You Want to Go
Sonny Fulks

Book Notes
Chris Mackowski, Kristopher D. White, and Daniel T. Davis. Fight like the Devil: The First day at Gettysburg, July 1, 1863.
Robert M. Dunkerly

Sean Conant, The Gettysburg Address: Perspectives on Lincoln’s Greatest Speech.
Brian Matthew Jordan

Chris Brenneman and Sue Boardman, The Gettysburg Cyclorama: The Turning Point of the Civil War on Canvas.
Jonathan M. Steplyk

Stephen M. Hood, The Lost Papers of Confederate General John Bell Hood.
Peter C. Luebke