American Indian Quarterly 40:3

American Indian Quarterly 40:3

Edited by Lindsey Claire Smith

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Spirituality and the Reclamation of Lakota Masculinity in Chris Eyre’s Skins (2002)
   Peter L. Bayers

Indigenous Intergenerational Teachings: The Transfer of Culture, Language, and Knowledge in an Intergenerational Summer Camp
   Julie Burns Ross

Acting Out Assimilation: Playing Indian and Becoming American in the Federal Indian Boarding Schools
   John R. Gram


Linda W. Reese, Trail Sisters: Freedwomen in Indian Territory, 1850-1890
   Arica L. Coleman

Carolyn Ross Johnson, ed., Voices of Cherokee Women
   Victoria LaPoe

Natale Zappia, Traders and Raiders: The Indigenous World of the Colorado Basin, 1540-1859
   Michael Hughes

Evelyn Peters and Chris Andersen, eds., Indigenous in the City: Contemporary Identities and Cultural Innovation
   Francisco Delgado

Sebastian Felix Braun, ed., Transforming Ethnohistories: Narrative, Meaning and Community
   Gerald Adam Rogers

Catherine J. Denial, Making Marriage: Husbands, Wives, and the American State in Dakota and Ojibwe Country
   Michelle Cassidy