Hotel Amerika 15:1

Hotel Amerika 15:1

Edited by David Lazar

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Paul Crenshaw

Piper J. Daniels
Asking For It

Steven Church
On Water Heaters, Earthquakes, and Encountering the Dynamic Sublime

Marcia Aldrich

Christina Larocco
Dramatis Personae

Clinton Crockett Peters
Rides with Strangers

Philip Brady
The Man of Double Deed

Jennifer Stock
On Collections and Camera Lucida

Nathan Leslie
The Toaster

M. Jennings
Set Me Free

Fikret Pajalic

Matthew Nye
From: Pike and Bloom

Ben Nickol

Luisa A. Igloria
The Rain is Writing a Letter
I carry you: 
Poem of Wood and Water
Flaming Heart

William Virgil Davis
The Scream

Steve Barbaro
Consecration of a Hookup

Sarah Freligh
Light Years
Love is All That and More

Mary Gilliland
Outside The Tunnel Snow is Melting

Elizabeth Scanlon

Robin Kozak
The Girl Under the Floor

Megan Harlan
An Iberia

Peter Schireson
So Much is Hidden
Breath: A Synopsis

Rob Cook
How Time Can Be Seen As It Moves

Kathleen Balma
Lunch Alone at Antoine’s, September 2015

Allison Donohue
The New Tenants

David Bartone

‘Gbenga Adeoba

Brian Swann
Under the Volcano

Christa Romanosky
Extinction Opus, No. 12
Extinction Opus, No. 14

George Looney
By the Bandon on a Rare Night of Calm

Simon Perchik

John Wall Barger
A Scorneful image
Candy Water! 
The No-Sound

Priscilla Atkins
Above the Lake, Pouring Forth 
Woman Eating an Orchid

Robert Nazarene
And the Envelope, Please 
The Hallowed Men

George Kalamaras
The Pharmaceutical Chemist to Whom Sailors Came to Get Their Shiners Leeched
Wes Montgomery’s Autopsy

John Randolph Carter
Summer Just Set Sail

Jeffrey Alfier
After Leaving Le Bar Serrasine 
Night Flight

Adam Day
Nothing’s Branch 

Sue William Silverman
If the Girl Knew Who She Was 
If the Girl Loses Her Soul 
If the Girl Never Writes on the Wall of Babel 
If the Girl Considers Salvation

Jenny Morse

Leonore Hildebrandt
The Sights from Below

Genevieve Betts
The Enemy

Special Section: Prose Poetry
Cynthia Hogue
I Dream Again I Speak

Colette LaBouff
The Lead-In Grooves
Felicia Zamora Of ghosts
This tug

Brian Cooney
On Swollen Tissue and Secretion

Shauna Robertson
Dry Bones
The Wet Season

Brett Hanley
Oh, the Places We’ll Go

Rob Cook
East Village

Ceridwen Hall

George Kalamaras
Map Points

Chloe Honum
First Day of Partial Hospitalization
Note Home
We’re Supposed to get Snow Tonight

Christien Gholson

Linwood Rumney
Ode to Monogamy

Daniel Lassell
Taking in the Stray

John Patrick McShea
A Case for the Good Old Boys
The Good Old Boys, as Paper and Glass

John Amen
Hallelujah Anima, 2
Hallelujah Anima, 3

Kate Martin Rowe

Jacqueline Holland
Inquiry on the Nature of Human Love

Kim Magowan
And what is “This”?

Elizabeth Hellstern
How to Have a Great Idea

Rochelle Hurt
Teenage Pastoral

Leah McCormack
However Broken 

Contributors' Notes