symploke 24:1/2

symploke 24:1/2

Edited by Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Table Of Contents


Materialisms I

Why Materialisms Matter
by Christopher Breu

by Levi R. Bryant

Dark Matters
by Ashley Byock

Identity vs. Embodiment
by Christopher Breu

Material Witness
by Nicholas Chare

The Bureaucrat Inside
by Matthew Schilleman

Nature and the "Industry that Scorched It"
by Marah Nagelhout

Dark Correlationism
by Rebekah Sheldon

Materialisms II

Object Emotions
by Figlerowicz, Maitland, and Miller

The Fact of Resonance
by Julie Beth Napolin

Tiling Over the Modern Pathos
by Lawrence Zi-Qiao Yang

Pop Music and Schizophrenia
Simon Porzak

Planetary Dejection
by Walt Hunter

Are We Being Materialist Yet?
Charles Altieri

General Articles

The Ethics of the Signifier
by Helena Gurfinkel

Home and Exilic Consciousness
by Ubaraj Katawal

Relaxing the Avant-Garde
by Mathies G. Aarhus

Voices without the Courage to End
Billy Petersen

The Hysteric’s Wound
by Spencer Mackoff

The Voice of an Animal
by Rochelle Rives

Sounding the Multitrack Imagination
by Ken Cormier

Imagining a Professional Future
by Amanpal Garcha

The Other Spaces of La Moustache
by Franҫois Kiper

Revolutionizing the Graphic Novel
by Iman Hanafy

Big Data, Time and the Archive
by Daniela Agostinho

Big Data
by Herman Rapaport

On Data, Givens, and Generosity
by Nicole Simek

Retrieving Kierkegaard
by Williams V. Spanos

Reading by Example
by Brian O’Keeffe

Preemptive Logic
by Nathan Snaza

The Aesthetic (Re-)Turn
by Michael Miller

Sallow Earth Theory
by Keith Leslie Johnson

Poe’s Alien Poetics
by Robert T. Tally Jr.

Change Agent: An Interview with Tamara Draut
by Jeffrey J. Williams

The Studio of Literature: An Interview with Tom Lutz
Jeffrey J. Williams

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