Great Plains Research 27:1

Great Plains Research 27:1

Edited by Peter J. Longo

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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents

Invited Essay: When Global Is Local: The Great Plains, Globalization, and the World Economy
James M. Scott

Invited Essay: Ecotourism: A Big, Interdisciplinary Idea
Katie Nieland

Distribution and Status of the Freshwater Mussel Fauna of the Salt River Basin, Missouri
Stephen E. McMurray, J. Scott Faiman, and Alan C. Buchanan

Interior Least Tern Productivity in Relation to Flow in the Central Platte River Valley
David M. Baasch, Patrick D. Farrell, Jason M. Farnsworth, and Chadwin B. Smith

Free Exercise and the Fashion Police: Nebraska’s Ban on Religious Dress
Joan M. Blauwkamp

Wayne J. Caldwell, ed. Planning for Rural Resilience: Coping with Climate Change and Energy Futures
Lauren Kolojejchick-Kotch

Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez. Texas Mexican Americans and Postwar Civil Rights
Steven L. Willborn

Maiah Jaskoski, Arturo C. Sotomayor, and Harold A. Trinkunas, eds. American Crossings: Border Politics in the Western Hemisphere
Elissa Steglich

Tom Lynch, Paul A. Johnsgard, and Jack Phillips, eds. Natural Treasures of the Great Plains: An Ecological Perspective
Neil L. Heckman

Charles E. Wright. Law at Little Big Horn: Due Process Denied
Grant Christensen

Eric A. Eliason. To See Them Run: Great Plains Coyote Coursing
Stephen M. Vantassel

André Magnan. When Wheat Was King: The Rise and Fall of the Canada-UK Grain Trade
Laura Larsen

Hal Elliott Wert. George McGovern and the Democratic Insurgents: The Best Campaign and Political Posters of the Last Fifty Years
Ralph Young

Jon Reyhner, ed. Teaching Indigenous Students: Honoring Place, Community, and Culture
Linda LeGarde Grover

Photographs by Michael P. Berman and William S. Sutton. Wyoming Grasslands. By Frank H. Goodyear Jr. and Charles R. Preston. Foreword by Dan Flores.
Amanda Breitbach

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