Anthropological Linguistics 58:2

Anthropological Linguistics 58:2

Edited by Douglas R. Parks

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Table Of Contents

How Changing Lifestyles Impact Seri Smellscapes and Smell Language
Carolyn O'Meara and Asifa Majid

Gros Ventre Ethnogeography and Place Names: A Diachronic Perspective
Andrew Cowell, Allan Taylor, and Terry Brockie

Spatial Language and Culture: Cardinal Directions in Negev Arabic
Letizia Cerqueglini and Roni Henkin

Book Reviews
Glimpses of Oneida Life (Karin Michelson, Norma Kennedy, and Mercy Doxtator)
Nancy Bonvillain

Keeping Languages Alive: Documentation, Pedagogy, and Revitalization (Mari C. Jones and Sarah Ogilvie, editors) and Endangered Languages and New Technologies (Mari C. Jones, editor)
Claire Bowern

Youth Language Practices in African and Beyond (Nico Nassenstein and Andrea Hollington, editors)
Jeffrey Heath