Women and Music 21:1

Women and Music 21:1

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Letter from the Editor

poem for far too many brilliant scholars, not enough of whom are with us today
Sherrie Tucker

“Votes and Notes”: Exhibiting and Contesting Gender in the Orchestra of the New Zealand and South Seas Exhibition (1889–1890)
Inge van Rij

“A Dreadful Bit of Silliness”: Feminine Frivolity and Ella Fitzgerald’s Early Critical Reception
Christopher J. Wells

Fort Greene
Núria Bonet Filella

A Lady-in-Waiting’s Account of Marie Antoinette’s Musical Politics: Women, Music, and the French Revolution
Rebecca Dowd Geoffroy-Schwinden

A Rondo for the Harp: Sophia Dussek (1775–1847)
Katelyn Clark

(Re)Considering the Priestess: Clara Schumann, Historiography, and the Visual
April L. Prince

After Orlando
Toby Young, lyrics by Jennifer Thorp

Writing Gender Identity through Musical Metaphor in Dorothy L. Sayers’s Gaudy Night
Stephen Armstrong

Coco Chanel Said . . .
Gigi Chi Ying Lam

“Luck, Classic Coke, and the Love of a Good Man”: The Politics of Hope and AIDS in Two Songs by Michael Callen
Matthew J. Jones

Voicing Girlhood in Popular Music: Performance, Authority, Authenticity, edited by Jacqueline Warwick and Allison Adrian
Jennifer O’Meara

Negotiated Moments: Improvisation, Sound, and Subjectivity, edited by Gillian Siddall and Ellen Waterman
Marc Hannaford