Native South 10:1

Native South 10:1

Edited by Greg O'Brien, Alejandra Dubcovsky, and Melanie Benson Taylor

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Guest Editors’ Introduction: Indians as Southerners; Southerners as Indians: Rethinking the History of a Region
Andrew K. Frank and Kristofer Ray

“All of Us Will Have to Pay for These Activities”: Colonial and Native Narratives of the 1704 Attack on Ayubale
Alejandra Dubcovsky

Constructing a Discourse of Indigenous Slavery, Freedom and Sovereignty in Anglo-Virginia, 1600–1750
Kristofer Ray

On the Antebellum Fringe: Lumbee Indians, Slavery, and Removal
Malinda Maynor Lowery

Allotment, Jim Crow, and the State: Reconceptualizing the Privatization of Land, the Segregation of Bodies, and the Politicization of Sexuality in the Native South
Rose Stremlau

Modern by Tradition: Seminole Innovation in the Contemporary South
Andrew K. Frank