Legacy 34:1

Legacy 34:1

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Editor’s Note

Envisioning America’s Future: Lydia Maria Child and Social Justice
Sarah Olivier, Guest Editor

Sarah Olivier

Honoring Lydia Maria Child’s Legacy: An Inclusive Vision for an Author Society 
Sarah Olivier

Lydia Maria Child’s Legacy to the Twenty-First Century: The Law of Love versus Religious Bigotry, Anti-Immigrant Hysteria, and Mass Incarceration   
Carolyn L. Karcher

Fostering the Future: Lydia Maria Child’s Environmental Engagements in The Juvenile Miscellany and Beyond
Karen L. Kilcup

The Cost of the Gift: Gender and Labor in Lydia Maria Child’s Writings
Hildegard Hoeller

The Problems of Citizenship: Revisiting Lydia Maria Child’s Letters from New-York through a Social Justice Lens
Bruce Mills

Lydia Maria Child’s Abolition Democracy, and Ours
Robert Fanuzzi

If We Are Brave Enough to Accept: Taking on the Challenges of Lydia Maria Child Today
Dana D. Nelson


Theorizing Democratic Feelings, Disagreement, and the Temporal Child in Catharine Maria Sedgwick’s The Linwoods
Marissa Carrere

Black Classical Ruins and American Memory in the Poetry of H. Cordelia Ray
Heidi Morse

“The Queer Feeling We All Know”: Queer Objects and Orientations in Edith Wharton’s (Haunted) Houses
Shannon Brennan

The Heart of Capitalism: Contested Visions of Labor Reform in Lurana Sheldon’s Department Store Novels
Ashley Elizabeth Palmer

Legacy Features Forum:
Susanna Rowson’s Sincerity and the Just Teach One Project
Ed White and Duncan Faherty, Guest Editors

Desirée Henderson

Legacy Reprint
Excerpts from Sincerity; A Novel in a Series of Original Letters, by Susanna Rowson
Ed White and Duncan Faherty

Female Relationships in Susanna Rowson’s Sincerity: The Bechdel Test and American Literature Syllabi
Theresa Strouth Gaul

“Oh That I Were a Man!”: Susanna Rowson’s Lesson on Marital Entrapment
Jennifer Desiderio 

Seriality and Susanna Rowson’s Sincerity
Karen A. Weyler

Six Lessons from the Just Teach One Project on Recovering Susanna Rowson’s Sincerity
Lisa West

Scrupulous Sincerity: Susanna Rowson’s Sentimental and Gothic Turns
Michelle Sizemore

Canonical Predicaments
Ed White and Duncan Faherty

Review Essays
Legible Natives: Making Native Women Visible in the Literary Arts
Penelope M. Kelsey

Alternate Origin Stories and Unexpected Archives: The Question of the Indigenous Literary
Susan Bernardin

Book Reviews
Gender and Race in Antebellum Popular Culture, by Sarah N. Roth
Elizabeth Duquette

Selected Writings of Eliza Higginson: Inventing Pacific Northwest Literature, edited by Laura Laffrado
Donna M. Campbell