NINE 24:1-2

NINE 24:1-2

Edited by Trey Strecker and Willie Steele

Table Of Contents

Volume 24, Numbers 1 & 2 (Spring-Fall 2015-16)

Diamond Quotes

Tension in the Union of Art and Sport: Competition for Ownership of the Baseball Statuary and its Influence upon Design
Christopher Stride and Ffion Thomas

"Uncle Sam Needs Only to Call": Baseball and the United States' Peacetime Military Draft, 1940–42
Steven P. Gietschier

Baseball Cinema Challenges the Hollywood Blacklist: Robert Aldrich's Big Leaguer (1953)
Ron Briley

On the Necessity of Spitballs
Al Piacente

The Jackie Robinson Story vs. The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson vs. 42: Hollywood's Representations of Jackie Robinson's Legacy
Lisa Doris Alexander

Legitimate Black Heroes: The Negro Leagues, Jackie Robinson, and the National Pastime in African American Literature
Robert C. Nowatzki

"We Need to Get the Good Old USA on Board": The 2009 World Baseball Classic, Corporate Nationalism, and Constructions of "American" Identity
Dain TePoel

A Higher Order: A Developmental Approach to Conflict on the Baseball Diamond
Michele Millard, David C. Ogden, and Kevin Warneke

Triple Play
Personal Reviews, Op-ed Pieces, and Polemics from Outside the Purview of the Umpires

Going Back to Kansas City: An Interview with Ira McKnight
Emily R. Rutter

The Québec Provincial League: A Memoir
George Gmelch

Keynote Address to the Twenty-Third Annual NINE Spring Training Conference, March 12, 2016
Rob Edelman

Father of the Boys of Summer
Robert A. Moss

Book Reviews
Tim Keefe: A Biography of the Hall of Fame Pitcher and Players-Rights Advocate
Frank G. Houdek

Willie Keeler: From the Playgrounds of Brooklyn to the Hall of Fame
Robert A. Moss

War on the Basepaths: The Definitive Biography of Ty Cobb
C. Paul Rogers III

The Set-Up Men: Race, Culture and Resistance in Black Baseball
Roberta J. Newman

Our Bums: The Brooklyn Dodgers in History, Memory, and Popular Culture
Rob Edelman

The Tigers and Yankees in '61: A Pennant Race for the Ages, the Babe's Record Broken, and Stormin' Norman's Greatest Season
Jan Finkel

Baseball's Power Shift: How the Players, the Fans, and the Media Shaped American Sports Culture
Jordan Max-Ryan Englekirk

The Pine Tar Game: The Kansas City Royals, the New York Yankees, and Baseball's Most Absurd and Entertaining Controversy
Robert A. Moss

Split Season, 1981
Michael Haupert

Baseball Maverick: How Sandy Alderson Revolutionized Baseball and Revived the Mets
Steven P. Gietschier

Minnesota Twins Baseball: Hardball History on the Prairie
William Harris Ressler

Still Throwing Heat: Strikeouts, the Streets, and a Second Chance
Ron Briley

Heart of the Order
Robert A. Moss

Baseball in Territorial Arizona: A History, 1863–1912
Joseph L. Price

The Haymakers, Unions and Trojans of Troy, New York: Big-Time Baseball in the Collar City, 1860–1883
Charlie Bevis

Before Wrigley Became Wrigley: The Inside Story of the First Years of the Cubs' Home Field
Douglas K. Lehman

The Grand Old Man of Baseball: Connie Mack in His Final Years, 1932–1956
Jim Overmyer

Bobo Newsom: Baseball's Traveling Man
Lee Kluck

Hank Greenberg in 1938: Hatred and Home Runs in the Shadow of War
Amy Essington

Greatness in the Shadows: Larry Doby and the Integration of the American League
Amy Essington

A Calculus of Color: The Integration of Baseball's American League
Thomas Mueller

J. L. Wilkinson and the Kansas City Monarchs
J. L. Steele

Integrating the Orioles, Baseball and Race in Baltimore
J. L. Steele

Frick*: Baseball's Third Commissioner
Tim Morris

Gil Hodges: A Hall of Fame Life
Robert A. Moss

Dodgerland: Decadent Los Angeles and the 1977–78 Dodgers and The Last Innocents: The Collision of the Turbulent Sixties and the Los Angeles Dodgers
Andy McCue

One Nation Under Baseball: How the 1960s Collided with the National Pastime
Paul Hensler

Playing with Tigers: A Minor League Chronicle of the Sixties
Ron Briley

Hairs vs. Squares: The Mustache Gang, the Big Red Machine, and the Tumultuous Season of '72
Paul Hensler

Billy Martin: Baseball's Flawed Genius
Michael Haupert

The Eighth Wonder of the World: The Life of Houston's Iconic Astrodome
Frank G. Houdek

Macho Row: The 1993 Phillies and Baseball's Unwritten Code
Mitchell Nathanson

The Life and Trials of Roger Clemens: Baseball's Rocket Man and the Questionable Case Against Him
David Lucander

Of Tribes and Tribulations: The Early Decades of the Cleveland Indians
William Harris Ressler

Plié Ball! Baseball Meets Dance on Stage and Screen
Rob Edelman

Negro Leagues Béisbol: A Shared Legacy
Gustavo Adolfo Aybar

The Ace Pitcher
Gustavo Adolfo Aybar

Leroy “Satchel” Paige: Baseball Player
Gustavo Adolfo Aybar