Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships 04:1

Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships 04:1

Edited by James Wadley

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Editor's Note: Toward the Critical and Creative Explorations of the t/Terror Narratives of Black and Brown Girls and Women to Inform Social Justice for Emotional Justice through New Literacies Studies
Jeanine M. Staples

First-Person Prayer for Reclaiming the Body
Martina Powell

From Invisible, to Ho, to Magic: A Narrative Examination of the Ways That Literacies Disenfranchise and Empower Black Girls
Stephanie Anne Shelton

Black Feminist Literacies: Ungendering, Flesh, and Post-Spillers Epistemologies of Embodied and Emotional Justice
Samantha Pinto

Damn, I Love the Strippers!: A Black Feminist Analysis of Rihanna's "Pour It Up"
Heidi R. Lewis

Beyond the Side Eye: Black Women's Ancestral Anger as a Liberatory Practice
Julia S. Jordan-Zachery

Beyond Blurred Lines: Black Girls, Urban Teacher Education and anti-Rape Pedagogy
Ashley N. Woodson and Dorinda J. Carter Andrews

Walking through the Dark Forest: Embodied Literacies for Shadow Work in Higher Education and beyond
Kakali Bhattacharya

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