symploke 25:1/2

symploke 25:1/2

Edited by Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Table Of Contents

Volume 25, Numbers 1 and 2

Editor’s Note
Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Jesper Gulddal and Charlton Payne

Reinventing the Stranger
Étienne Balibar

Porous Borders
Jesper Gulddal

“In the Dream of their Dreams“
Joshua L. Miller

The Novel and the Borders of Europe
Søren Frank

Chile’s Limited Passport
Paula C. Park

Xerox Men
Andres Amerikaner

Somewhere Else
Charlton Payne and Wolfgang Struck

“A Unique Plan of Getting Deported“
Nissa Ren Cannon

Passports in the Time of Trump
Leti Volpp

Asylum of the Political
Joseph Vogl

General Articles
War Culture and the Politics of Violence
Henry A. Giroux

A Critique of Violence
Robin Truth Goodman

Against Distant Reading
William V. Spanos

Storytelling and Writing in “Our Time“
Nozomi Irei

“Our Country and Our Culture”
Benjamin Schreier

The Feminist Seduction
Erin Holliday-Karre

From Interpellation to Recognition
Robert Z. Birdwell

Time, History, and Nation
Leihua Weng

In the Moment of Danger
John Roache

Albertine and the Refusal of the Excluded
Caitlyn Doyle

“Buoyed Up by that Coffin“
Ron Ben-Tovim

Tales of the Brick Age
Alberto Ribas-Casasayas

The Refusal of Debt
Brian O’Keeffe

In Exchange for the Language of Pleasantry
Niloofar Sarlati

Nutters War on Earth
Daniel Rosenberg

Teaching Translation the Hermeneutic Way
Brian O’Keeffe

How Should We Read Now?
Matthew Mullins

The Shape of Comparative Literature Now
Jerry A. Varsava

with R. Radhakrishnan, Dan Shen, Tom Cohen, Ranjan Ghosh, and J. Hillis Miller

Making Contemporary Literature: An Interview with Amy Hungerford
Jeffrey J. Williams

Historicizing African American Literature: An Interview with Ken Warren
Jeffrey J. Williams

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