Studies in American Indian Literatures 30:1

Studies in American Indian Literatures 30:1

Edited by June Scudeler and Siobhan Senier

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From the Editors

Females, the Strong Ones: Listening to the Lived Experiences of American Indian Women
Andrea Riley Mukavetz

Gothic Silence: S. Alice Callahan’s Wynema, the Battle of the Little Bighorn, and the Indigenous Unspeakable
Amy Gore

Maria Tallchief, (Native) America’s Prima Ballerina: Autobiographies of a Postindian Princess
Shannon Toll

Bending, Turning, and Growing: Cree Language, Laws, and Ceremony in Louise B. Halfe / Sky Dancer’s The Crooked Good
Angela Van Essen

“The Unkillable Mother”: Sovereignty and Survivance in Louise Erdrich’s The Round House
Mary Paniccia Carden

Book Reviews
Layli Long Soldier. WHEREAS
Crystal Alberts

Tadeeusz Lewandowski. Red Bird, Red Power: The Life and Legacy of Zitkala-Ša
Cari Carpenter

Mini Aodla Freeman. Life among the Qallunaat
Laura M. Furlan