Native South 11:1

Native South 11:1

Edited by Greg O'Brien, Melanie B. Taylor, and Alejandra Dubcovsky

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Vol. 11 (2018)

The Chickasaws’ Place-World: The Mississippi River in Chickasaw History and Geography
Dustin J. Mack

Fort Congaree: A Cosmopolitan Outpost on the Rim of Empire
James A. Stewart and Charles R. Cobb

Natives, Women, Debtors, and Slaves: Christian Priber’s American Utopia
Eric E. Bowne and Crystal A. Bowne

The Failure of Political Centralization: Mad Dog, the Creek Indians, and the Politics of Claiming Power in the American Revolutionary Era
Steven J. Peach

The Press of the Cherokee Phoenix Newspaper as Artifact
Frank Brannon

Field Notes
Biloxi Origins
David V. Kaufman