Frontiers 39:2

Frontiers 39:2

Edited by Wanda S. Pillow, Kimberly M. Jew, and Cindy Cruz

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Volume 39, No. 2 (2018)

Special Issue: Mapping Gendered Violence

Introduction: Mapping Gendered Violence—Contemplating Conflict and Crisis in Contemporary Societal Struggles
Anastasia Christou

Confessing Society, Confessing Cis-tem: Rethinking Consent through Intimate Images of Trans* People in the Media
Alexandre Baril

Shifting the Rape Script: “Coming Out” Online as a Rape Victim
Rachel Loney-Howes

Private Matters in Public Spaces: Intimate Partner Violence against Black Women in Jim Crow Houston
David Ponton III

Mapping the Intersections of Violence on Black Women’s Sexual Health within the Jim Crow Geographies of Cincinnati Neighborhoods
Carolette R. Norwood

We Made the Change by Talking About It: Movement Narratives of Antiviolence Activism in the Radical Environmental Organization Cascadia Forest Defenders
Kiera James Anderson

Love Letters: Performative and Biological Families in Hawaiʻi’s Women’s Prison
Leanne Trapedo Sims

Mapping Out Socio-Cultural Decadence on the Female Body: Sadeq Chubak’s Gowhar in Sange-e Sabur
Claudia Yaghoobi

Virtual Roundtable on Mapping Gendered Violence
Raminder Kaur, Maggie O’Neill, Nicola Henry, and Krista Benson
Edited by Anastasia Christou and Cindy Cruz

“Gender Is the First Terrorist”: Homophobic and Transphobic Violence in Greece
Anna Carastathis 000
Protecting Women and Girls from Harmful Traditional Practices: Evaluating State Responses in the Bench-Maji Zone, Southwest Ethiopia
Zelalem Shiferaw Woldenmichael

Lessons Learned (Poem)
Abigail G. H. Manzella

Exilic Landscape or the body in rapture (Poem)
Leanne Trapedo Sims

Artist’s Statement
Ester Hernandez