Frontiers 39:3

Frontiers 39:3

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Volume 39, No. 3


The Party’s Over: Sex, Gender, and Orientalism in the Koreagate Scandal of the 1970s
Shelley Sang-Hee Lee

Gender, Vulnerability, and the Optics of Violence: The Case of Afiya Siddiqui
Khanum Shaikh

Crescent Moon Sequence
Gale P. Jackson

What’s Best for Baby? Co-Sleeping and the Politics of Inequality
Laura Harrison

Monique Wittig and the Allegory of the Possible in Across the Acheron
M. M. Adjarian

“We Are No Peculiar Breed of Femmes”: Domesticity as Counter-Discourse for Women with Leprosy, 1940–1960
Andrea Elizabeth Milne

“Passive Combatants”: Online Discourses of the “Tamil Woman” and the 2009 Gardiner Expressway Occupation
Daphne Jeyapal

Mimesis, Contention, and Corporeality of Otherness: Reading the Haircuts of Undocumented Immigrants’ Daughters in Japan
Yurika Tamura

A Communitas of Hustle and the Queer Logic of Inmate Sex (Anti) Work
Deena Varner