Western American Literature 53:3

Western American Literature 53:3

Edited by Tom Lynch

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The Pandora’s Box of Solomon Carvalho: Ethnic Transformation in the Age of Manifest Destiny
Scott Palmer

The Museum as West and West as Museum: The Micro-Politics of Museum Display in George Catlin’s Vanishing American Indians
Nilak Datta

Alternative Histories of the Old Indian Territory: John Milton Oskison’s Outlaw Hypotheses
Jenna Hunnef

“I Think a Look at the West Would Do You Good”: Queer Visibility and Mythological Refuge in The Price of Salt
Lindsay Stephens

Book Reviews
Michael Lynn Crews, Books Are Made Out of Books: A Guide to Cormac McCarthy’s Literary Influences
Aihua Chen

Antonio C. Márquez. Volver: A Persistence of Memory
Elena V. Valdez

Phillip Garrison, What the Pig Said to Jesus: On the Uneasy Permanence of Immigrant Life
Louis Mendoza

Robert Coover, Huck Out West: A Novel
Alex Hunt

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