Feminist German Studies 34:1

Feminist German Studies 34:1

Edited by Waltraud Maierhofer and Alexandra M. Hill 

Table Of Contents

Volume 34 (2018)

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In Memoriam

Editors’ Introduction

The Path Not (Yet) Taken: Bettina von Arnim’s Ecological Vision in Her Romantic Fairy Tale “The Queen’s Son” 
Deborah Janson

Colonial Counternarratives in Therese Robinson’s Die Auswanderer 
Judith E. Martin

Objects and Objectification: Women and Technology in Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach’s Lotti, die Uhrmacherin and “Ein Original” 
Petra Watzke

Navigating Partnership: German Surrealist Ellida Schargo von Alten, Richard Oelze, and Cross-Fertilization in the Visual Arts 
Eleanor Moseman

Spiraling toward Happiness: City and the Self in Christa Wolf’s “Unter den Linden” 
Thyra E. Knapp

Transgenerational Holocaust Memory in Anne Weber’s Ahnen and Esther Kinsky’s Am Fluß 
Helga Druxes

Book Reviews
Jennifer L. Creech. Mothers, Comrades, and Outcasts in East German Women’s Films 
Melissa Sheedy

Jennifer L. Creech and Thomas O. Haakenson, editors. Spectacle 
Rick McCormick

Heidi Denzel de Tirado and Faye Stewart, editors. Framing Islam: Faith, Fascination, and Fear in Twenty-First-Century German Culture, special issue of Colloquia Germanica: Internationale Zeitschrift für Germanistik 
Erika Berroth

Linda Dietrick and Birte Giesler, editors. Weibliche Kreativität um 1800/Women’s Creativity around 1800
Laura Isakov

Burcu Dogramaci and Elisabeth Otto, editors. Passagen des Exils/Passages of Exile 
Didem Uca

Kyle Frackman. An Other Kind of Home: Gender-Sexual Abjection, Subjectivity, and the Uncanny in Literature and Film 
Bradley Boovy

Miriam Frank. Out in the Union: A Labor History of Queer America 
Simone Pfleger

Brigitte E. Jirku and Marion Schulz. Performativität statt Tradition—Autobiografische Diskurse von Frauen
Beth Ann Muellner

Sara Lennox, editor. Remapping Black Germany: New Perspectives on Afro-German History, Politics, and Culture 
Priscilla Layne

Waltraud Maierhofer and Beth Widmaier Capo, editors. Reproductive Rights Issues in Popular Media: International Perspectives 
Wonneken Wanske

Margaret McCarthy. Mad Mädchen: Feminism and Generational Conflict in Recent German Literature and Film 
Alexandra M. Hill

Jamie H. Trnka. Revolutionary Subjects: German Literatures and the Limits of Aesthetic Solidarity with Latin America 
Andreas Stuhlmann

Jonathan O. Wipplinger. The Jazz Republic: Music, Race, and American Culture in Weimar Germany 
Sharon M. Wailes and Monika Herzig

Women in German Prize Winners (2017)